Troubled with Family Feuds? Remedies for Family Discord at Hand

The Remedies For Planetary Discord

Who does not wish a stream of peace and love flowing in a family forever? Everyone in this mundane world goes for this particular thing prevailing in the families. Let there be no discord among all present there. Let every member of family be in a bubbling mood. It is the ultimate desire of all but sometimes these are in vain. Family peace remains elusive.

There appears family feuds and fracas leading to fighting and bloodshed. Sometimes legal issues run from court to court and absolutely moroseness prevails. It is not at all expected in a family. Let there be peace at every household.

Everybody wishes to have a happy and cheerful family but most of them are not aware of the fact that discord or family issues in families often occur because of wrong placements of planets in the horoscopes or there may be Vastu Dosha. It is the adverse effect of the malefic planets that inflict problems on human beings and disrupt total family peace. Due to wrong placement of different planets feuds take place in the families despite some wise persons try their best and make possible efforts to restore total happiness and peace in the family or put an end to the troubles inflicted by planets.

Indian Vedic astrology goes on providing various astrological remedies for family problems. Going through horoscopes and suggesting remedies, astrologers can put an end to all the family feuds or reduce the intensity by offering effective remedies for Grah Klesh problems. Grah Klesh Nivaran Puja also aims at bringing in total positivity in life by bringing back the faded happiness.

In this post, we are trying to bring before the readers how effective astrology is in settling Grah Klesh or problems inflicted on family members by resolving family disputes of all kinds both fatal and legal.

Causes behind family disputes:
  • Ego matters
  • Utter disagreements
  • Jealousy
  • Monetary discriminations
  • Financial /business problems
  • Enemy induced issues
  • Vastu dosha in the residence or office
  • Planetary positions in the horoscopes

There are various other reasons that lead to bitter issues amongst family members. Astrological Solutions can ensure that these external problems can be removed at ease with remedies for family discords.

Numerous Astrological Remedies for Family Discords :

There are some awesome astrological remedies for family problems that we are trying to put below for your utter perusal. Once the readers are helped with these easy remedies, we shall be highly obliged. We think pace must rest at every home and there must not be differences between the members of families. Below there, rest some hints which can bring back peace and happiness in every family.

  • The members can offer prayer to Lord Ganeshji daily.
  • One can sprinkle at home holy water daily.
  • Adding a pinch of salt while one mops the floor wipes the negativity present at home.
  • One can plant a Holy Tulsi plant (Holy Basil) in the North-East corner of the residence. It must be taken care of that one must pour water on it daily. One should add few drops of honey in it regularly too.
  • Starting of applying kesar tilak on Thursday after Shukla Paksha, it should be followed on every Thursday
  • One must offer sugar and water at the roots of Peepal tree and add water in the mixture on Saturdays.
  • One should sleep keeping the head towards East direction
  • It is an ideal task to keep rock crystals at home.
  • The Planetary effects in Horoscope must be given much importance.

According to Vedic astrology, the 2nd house in the Horoscope depicts family, the 4th house and the 7th house are the houses of marital life. If the owners of these houses are weak or inauspicious, there is unrest and discords in the family.

To overcome these entire problems one should opt for horoscope properly analyzed by a honed astrologer and go for taking measures related to the planets.

Vastu Approach and Family Discord

As per the principles of Vastu Shastra, the south-eastern direction is regarded as the fire angle. Since fire principle is prominent on this direction, happiness of the family members may be geared up from this direction. However, the kitchen should be placed in this direction, because the kitchen has fire-related tasks like cooking.

That is the reason why it is important that they who (especially women) spend more time in this direction to complete their household chores or domestic purposes, are always bubbling with happiness for hours. If the women of the house are healthy and happy, the hearth of the house will also be filled with extreme happiness and positivity that will keep love and peace at home intact.

The wrong placements of the fire elements create atmosphere of debates, altercations etc. in the family, leading to breaking of relationships. Members of the family may get stressed and unhappy. Therefore, it must be ensured that the south-eastern direction of the residence remains always free from negativities of all kinds. These tips of Vastu Shastra are an important solution to ward off all kinds of troubles in the respective families.

Other Solutions for familial discords

Home is built with not only bricks and mortars, sand and cement. The family comprises of different persons who are interlinked with one another vide different relationships. A family comprises of a grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, sons, daughters and many ones. Peace among the family and members of the family can be disturbed by these aforementioned Vastu problems.

There may be breach in different relationships. Then the question that strikes the mind-how to get rid of these troubles? In the article we have hinted at some remedial measures that can be taken by members of a family to restore peace and eternal tranquility.

Simple and Easy Solutions for permanent peace at home
  • You have to mix a pinch of Salt and gram flour and make dough daily.
  • During Navaratri, You must go on chanting the Shtotras of Durga Saptashati yourself or get it done by a learned purohit/ priest
  • You should offer sugar to ants
  • Do not build latrines in the north-east corner of the residence and keep that place clean. Don’t dump waste materials on that particular spot to avoid family discords.
  • Always speak in a sweet tone. Never talk loudly or use bitter words against anyone.
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We hope that the measures mentioned above are enough for removing the problems residing in the corners of respective hearts of the family members. If followed properly, the measures can shower permanent peace and serenity on the people residing at home, sweet home. After going for the remedies for family discord if one follows these measures, one will be able to get rid of home distress and discords of all sorts.

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