Remedies for Husband - Wife Family Problems

Improve Husband Wife Relations
What to do when there are clashes in between husband and wife :

Sometimes a dispute arises between husband and wife due to differences of opinion or not agreeing with each other's thoughts, which takes the form of conflict in a little while. If such a hurtful thoughts are said daily it is given that there will be a discord between husband and wife. To overcome this both should observe a Mon vrath or a vow of silence on a Wednesday.

To please their wife as a remedy for home, husbands can present them beautiful aromatic floral or perfume on Friday. Along with this, having sugar mixed in curd in a sliver bowl on Fridays would be good.

The wife should keep 100 gms of fennel in the red cloth inside the bedroom after having a bath in the morning.

Both husband and wife should use  energized inscense sticks  as a remedy for home affliction. Happiness in married life is achieved through the influence of energized incense sticks.

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