Capricorn All About Horoscope

Capricorn All About Horoscope

Tenth sign of the zodiac, Capricorn, is known for its tenacity and hard work. People born under this sign are happiest when working as they are ambitious and determined to get to the top. Everything for them is a project, which they would guide till completion with a realistic, pragmatic approach. Their dedication often gives the perception of being stubborn, but they still keep going. Some famous Capricorns are Elvis PresleySir Isaac NewtonBenjamin FranklinDenzel Washington, and Henry Miller.

The Goat is a Capricorn’s mascot, an apt representation of their love for heights, and industriousness to climb them up. Capricorns are built for success and would not mind earning a few negative tags midway like domineering, egotistical, arrogant, unforgiving, etc.

Their Cardinal quality makes them a natural leader filled with bright new ideas who they execute with a conventional approach. This also speaks for their need for pursuing fail-safe ways. Capricorns have an organized and efficient work style which leaves only on the results to make waves. They are extremely patient and diligent.

Ruled by Saturn, father of many gods, also makes Capricorn the fatherly figure out of all the zodiacal signs. Saturn on one hand brings hardship to a Capricorn’s life, and on the another gives them a serious, disciplined, and success-driven demeanor.

Earth is the element that gives Capricorn its stable, reserved and grounded personality. You’d never find them building air castles, as they believe in realistic tasks which bring them closer to their goal. They have a tendency to get a bit materialistic and greedy, but they hardly let these things take over them.

The people born under the Capricorn sun sign are physically strong with a smooth skin, prominent eyebrow, and a sharp chin. Their eyes are all serious with a gaze of a philosopher or scientist as if weighing you up mentally. They dress up sober and practical giving more importance to functionality rather than aesthetics. The Capricorn colors are earth and nude shades and grave greys.

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