Aquarius All About Horoscope

Aquarius All About Horoscope

The eleventh sign of the zodiac, Aquarius are all about social conscience with a humanitarian and philanthropic bent of mind. Aquarius considers it their duty to make the world a better place for everyone. They are often considered to be the genius and visionaries of the zodiac who constantly progress towards a collaborative big win. Some very famous Aquarians are Abraham LincolnCharles DarwinThomas EdisonFranklin RooseveltMichael Jordan, and Paris Hilton.

The symbol for Aquarius is a pitcher or a Water Bearer, symbolizing their ideology of showering everyone with the precious liquid of life. They are inventive and original, always bringing forth new untried ideas. They expect people to agree to them otherwise they may turn impatient or throw a temper.

Owing to their Fixed quality, Aquarians are a little steadfast on their opinions. If their idea is radical and new, they wouldn’t take any disagreement on it and might go seek another bunch of people who happily embrace an Aquarian’s discovery. They do allow others freedom and individuality but have a tendency to create heat and friction if it interferes with their own comfort or space.

Ruled by Saturn and Uranus together, Aquarius are strong and vibrant. They make a stern taskmaster, creative thinker and future forward. Their genius bordering on insanity sometimes earns them a reputation of being unpredictable, cold and impersonal.

Their element, Air, provides them the intellectual inclination that helps accomplish Aquarians complex tasks with logical processes. People born under this sign are artistic and altruistic, who want to make a difference to the world.

The physical traits of an Aquarius include slim and tall body with a relatively short neck, sharp nose and lively eyes. They have subtle smile with an articulate speech. They love dressing up in shades of blue, green and silver which are also the colors of their zodiac.

Outdoors, Aquarians are fun people to be with who are always surrounded by their family and friends. They enjoy baseball, volley ball and tennis, but swimming is the hot favorite of this water bearer sun sign.

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