Aquarius Man Horoscope

Aquarius Man Horoscope

Aquarius men are down to earth and someone who always crave to make the world a better place. They are always with full of new thoughts and ideas. They are intellectual and analytical too. Aquarius man is friendly in nature as well as highly compassionate and has a very good sense of humor which makes him likable among others.

They truly believe in friendship and so the friends are important to them and at times their partner may feel that she is not important at all. Love is not so important to a Aquarius man they can be flirty at times. As the Aquarius man gets bore easily and their interest are short term so they have the same in their love relationships, so you need to always be new with ideas and thoughts and make sure that he does not get bore in your company. Surprise him with new plans of explorable destinations and travel as they like to travel as well.

Aquarius man does not really believe in commitment so the relationship can be of full of ups and down. You will have to win his heart fully so that he will be faithful, loyal and supportive to you. Also you need to give a Aquarius man his own space and time otherwise they may feel trapped and will try to get out of you.

Aquarius men are generally compatible with Aries, Gemini, Libra and Sagittarius. Air is the element of Aquarius man. Their lucky colors are Blue, Green, Black and Grey, and their lucky numbers are 4,8,13,17,22,26 and their lucky day is Saturday and Sunday.

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