Lord Uma Maheshwari Puja and Homam

About Lord Uma Maheshwari Puja and Homam

Uma Maheshwari Puja is for long and happy married life. Uma (Goddess Parvathi the wife of Lord Shiva) and Lord Shiva Puja is performed as they are considered to be the perfect match i.e. Shiv and Shakti.

This Puja is considered to be best for marital happiness. If there is any discord in the relationship, all are resolved. One should conduct this Puja at least once in a year for a happy married life.

Lord Shiva and Maa Paravati protect devotees from evil forces which cause differences and anger. They grants boons, bestows grace and awakens wisdom in their devotees.

Puja Benefits:
  • Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati protect devotees from evil forces which cause differences and anger.
  • They grants boons, bestow grace and awaken wisdom in their devotees.
  • This Pooja, where Lord Shiva is worshiped in His Rudra form along with Maa Parvati, is hailed by all Vedic scriptures as one of the greatest Pooja to remove all evils.
  • Pooja is performed to attain all marital bliss and harmony.

Why you should perform Uma maheshwari Puja?

The Homa is performed in honour of the Couple Goddess Parvathi and Lord Shiva. When they come together they are seen as the symbols of everlasting love till eternity. The synchronization of the couple confers a special status, which can multiply and garner spiritual and material blessings. The worshipper feels positive vibration of body mind and soul, at the same the amplifying the feelings of optimism.

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My married life was almost on the verge of getting over. My mother was very very very scared of me. One day while reading about Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi, I got to know about this Puja. Then I ordered this Puja from Askganesha.com. It worked so well for me. All problems started to vanish one after the other, now I am in a blissful married life.

By Kritika Sharma, Assitant Director, Mumbai

I got this puja performed at the time of my marriage as it considered very good for the marriage. Instead of a pundit, I decided to go for online services. I am so happy that I did. My married life is blessed by the high powers. I am very happy.

By Manmeen kaur, Choreographer, Punjab

Uma Maheshwari Puja is considered very well for marital bliss. My Fiancé was like an angry bird, always furious. Because it was arranged marriage, I was very scared. Somebody recommended this website and I ordered this puja for myself. They take very minimal amount which any one can afford easily but its effects are magnificent. I am married for 2 years now and my husband is far away from his furiousness (touchwood!).

By Sonali Jain, housewife, Taupo

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