Maa Saraswati Puja and Homam

About Maa Saraswati Puja and Homam

Goddess Saraswati (Sarasvati) is the wife (consort) of Lord Brahma. Out of all the God and Goddess she is the one who possesses the powers of speech, wisdom and learning. Maa Saraswati has four hands representing four aspects of human personality in learning; mind, intellect, alertness and ego.

Saraswati Devi is giver of education, intelligence and speech. In case where a man stammers it believed that his stammering gets controlled by this Homam.

By performing this Homam one will be blessed with success in the examinations, blessed with concentration in education. The devotee will not forget but retain and remember whatever he or she reads. It is Goddess Saraswati grants success in Education, research, music, singing, dancing, acting, painting, sculpture etc.

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I was not doing really well in my professional course and somehow in my final examinations, I forgot whatever I had read. So I consulted and they told me about this Puja. I ordered it online and got it done. With the grace of Goddess Saraswati, I passed my final examinations with flying colours.

By Aditya Shukla, CA, Delhi

Yes this Puja is very effective and I have felt the same. I performed Saraswati Puja and found my music learning going too strong than ever. is a very good website and probably the best on the internet right now. Its services are very effective and are available at a very less Price.

By Kailash panwar, Percussionist, Barcelona

This Puja proved to be life saviour for me. My daughter had stammering problem because of which she always felt inferior to others however she was very pretty. When she was continuously rejected in the marriage proposals, she got very depressed. This is when I consulted pundits and they advised Maa Saraswati Homam and we did it. It had such amazing effects that within 2 months, her stammering problem was gone and now she get to be the one to choose her husband and not the other way round.

By Premlata, Housewife, Jharkhand

Maa Sarawati is the Goddess of wisdom, intelligence and learning. I have found that all these powers are vested in her for real when I performed her Puja myself. I have become good memory retainer and my speeches are wonderful at public speaking.

By Raunak Aggarwal, Motivational speaker, Delhi

Saraswati Puja is a very good Puja for intelligence and learning. I have found the difference in my life even just by reading 'Sarawati Chalisa'. When I got the Puja performed, I found remarkable difference in my life and learning power. All thanks to Goddess Saraswati.

By Shanaya Ahuja, Professor, Hyderabad

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