Maa Uma Maha Anusthan

About Maa Uma Maha Anusthan

Maa Uma Maha Anusthan is an 11 days process in which each day puja and hawan are done. This Anusthan has helped many to resolve the problems in one's married life.

Benefits of Maa Uma Maha Anushthan Puja:
  • This Anushthan has helped many to resolve the problems in one's married life.
  • Maa Uma Maha Anushthan is for early marriage and happy married life.
  • For marital bliss along with the boon of a Husband like Shiva.
  • For longevity of the marital relations this puja is done.

The Maa Uma Maha Anusthan is an 11 days process in which daily special ritual puja, hawan, donations, chanting of special mantras for marital bliss along with energizing of Yantra and special incense sticks is also done. The Yantra, incense sticks and vibhuti would be couriered to you after the completion of the Anushthan which you can place in your home and would help you by creating a positive aura.

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This Anusthan is done by well versed and highly experienced purohits. You too can get this performed for the fulfillment of your desires.

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Top Customer Reviews

If the problem is big, it takes even bigger amount of hard work to resolve it. My married life was dying away and I did not know what to do, I then saw's Puja sections and read the reviews of many satisfied customer. I got the 11 days Maa Uma Anushthan done for myself and within a period of a month, I saw all my problems getting resolved.

By Gaurav Singh, Buisnessman, Gujarat

It is such a good website, I ordered Maa Uma Maha Anushthan puja to resolve the problems in my married life. They performed the puja and showed me proofs as well, they sent me energised yantra and sticks. They couriered me the vibhuti which created a very good atmosphere in my home. It has brought marital bliss in my life.

By Monika Sharma, Investment advisor, Noida

Hi all my name is Neeraj and I am from Delhi, I would like to share my wonderful experience with you all regarding this Puja which can perform on your behalf and it takes a lot of time and patience. I was facing some rifts with my wife in my marital life. I did not see any solid reason for that and wanted it to end. I took the advice of's Astrologer and got Maa Uma Maha Anushthan Puja performed by They did it and it actually proved very good for me and my married life.

By Neeraj pandey, Engineer, Delhi

When I got to know the price of this Anushthan, I was shell shocked but then I cross checked with the purohits, and they told me even an amount which is double, so basically they are charging a very reasonable amount and the effects and benefits of the Anushthan are amazing. It is a must try if any of you are facing problems in married life.

By Sameer Reddy, Model, Mumbai

Same goes for me, my sister reena recommended me to avail the service of this website. I approached this website and told them about the ongoing problems in my married life, they took the note and adviced me to perform Maa Uma Anushthan, I paid them to get it done and now all my problems are solved.

By Tareena seth, housewife, Delhi

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