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Goddess Sita is the consort of Lord Rama, the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu. She is the looked upon as the goddess with virtuous qualities.

Goddess Sita was born to the king Janaka Mithila. Hence she is also called Janaki. She is the incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi.

After marriage to Lord Rama there were some turn of events due to which she was subjected to intense suffering in her life as lord Rama was sentenced to exile for 14 years, and she accompanied her husband in this exile. Goddess Sita is worshipped for her ideal womanly virtues and she stands before all Hindu women as a model of wifely attributes.

By performing the Goddess Sita puja one is blessed with a good match and a long lasting marital life.

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I was in trouble bcoz my marriage became an issue and I was not getting married. I performed Maa Sita Puja and after some time, I got my desired groom.

By Aditi Katyal, HR consultant, California

I have done Maa Sita Puja too and it is effective to gain a blissful marital life. Talking about the website, I really find its articles interesting. Their language is simple and the facts that they are sharing are worth your time. Also the horoscope reading section is good.

By Mahima kohli, Marketing Manager, Peru is a good website. I have also used many services and all are very economical and light on the pocket. Recently I used Maa Sita Puja and it was beneficial for me. The only problem with this website is that they might take a while to respond may be because they have a huge client base.

By Pooja khimani, Receptionist, Bangalore

This is a genuine website as compared to the other website existing on internet. I have used many services of this website since the time I used it Maa Sita Puja service. I did many pujas but my married life didn't seem to start. Then I ordered Maa Sita puja after which I started getting marriage proposals.

By Saloni Khosla, teacher, Delhi

I was looking through the website and the puja section. Because I was not finding the right guy for me, Maa Sita Puja looked like a solution. I immediately ordered the Puja through this website. They did the Puja with the help of a purohit. It went well and I got married within 6 months of the Puja.

By Shivangi Kapoor, housewife, Meerut

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