Lord Narsimha Puja

About Lord Narsimha Puja

Lord Narasimha Puja - the 4th incarnate of Lord Vishnu, is perhaps considered as the most intense incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He is widely revered by everyone in Vaishanism. His manifestation is that of half man and half lion. The incarnation of Lord Vishnu, was such so that he could kill the demon and evil king Hiranayakashpo and made the young Prince Prahlad the king, to restore Dharma back to the world.

The Narasimha avtar of Lord Vishnu was manifested because of the boon that the demon king garnered. Narasimha Puja is mainly done to celebrate the good over evil and, the puja is done to create the awareness that however big or dark our enemy is the one ray of hope and a spark of light can destroy the enemy. The legend of Hiranayakashchapo and Prahlad is known and told by one and all in every household and to every child. It is tale of strength and valour, and honesty and truth, and above all the devotion and dedication.

Importance of Narasimha Puja:

The Narasimha puja is mainly performed, to get courage in the heart and mind of devotees. Narasimha puja is also done so that it provides refuge to all the devotees, then these devotees are not scared of anything in the world. The Narasimha puja also provides the spiritual happiness.

Benefits of the Narasimha Puja :

  • Narasimha Puja gives the shelter from all sorts of troubles and hurdles in life.
  • The Puja, helps in getting peace of mind, and provides the shelter to the devotees.
  • This puja also provides the spiritual happiness.
  • This puja enables to wipe out all the sorrows in life.
  • This puja helps in dispelling fear and accomplishing of desired goals. It also offers utmost intelligence and enhances creativity and leadership quality in a person.
  • This puja, benefits its doer with moksha, and makes it easy for them to attain salvation and freedom from cyclic re- birth.
  • The Narasimha Puja, purifies, mind, body and soul and also environment.
  • If performed according to rituals will help in garnering all the wealth, finances and prosperities in life.

Procedure to perform Narasimha Puja:

  • Narasimha Puja is performed by praying to the idol of Lord Narasimha and Goddess Lakshmi.
  • On the day of Narasimha Puja, the worshipper should take bath early morning and wear new clothes.
  • Offering Gram dal and Jaggery on the day of Narasimha puja, is considered auspicious.
  • On the day of Narasimha puja, a fast from dawn to dusk is advised to be observed.
  • While Narasimha puja, chant the Narasimha mantra.
  • It is said that won the Narasimha Puja day, meditate in an isolated place, this will increase concentration and will power.
  • While fasting, or while observing fast on the Narasimha puja day, it is advised that one should consume only milk and dairy products and fruits it is also said that no grains are consumed.

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