Lord Krishna Puja

About Lord Krishna Puja

Lord Vishnu is one of the lord of the Hindu Trinity apart from Lord Brahma and Lord Shiva.

Sri Krishna is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Sri Krishna was born in Dvapara age. Lord Krishna was born in prison Maa Devaki and Vasudeva. He was raised by his foster parents Nanda and Yasoda in Gokul. Lord Krishna is the destroyer of evil and he vanquished demons Trinavarta and Putana.

Lord Krishna puja is done to get his blessings. This puja is done for various fulfilments of wishes. People get it performed for love, happiness, career, finance, business, health and for various other desires. Lord Krishna is worshiped and prayed from the heart.

You too can get the Lord Krishna puja done. This puja is done any day but especially on Janamasthmi this puja has great effects.

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This year me and my wife were away from India so we couldn't perform Lord Krishna's Puja with all the rituals like every year. We have been using Askganesha.com's services from a long time. I paid them to get this Puja done and they did it amazingly. Thank you Askganesha.com.

By Deepanshu Gupta, CA, Thailand

It is a good website and also this Puja, Lord Krishna Puja is immensely great in itself. Kanha ji loves all. We often visit vrindavan and Govardhan to worship Lord Krishna. We have also used Askganesha.com's service of Pujas. It is great.

By Mehak Bruda, Event Manager, Bangalore

Lord Krishna is my favourite. We eagerly wait for Janamashtmi to come and we celebrate with a lot of fun and frolic. We do Lord Krishna's Puja every year with full devotion. Not only has he blessed us with love, happiness and wealth but also with a satisfaction of inner salvation.

By Salvika Bali, MBA Intern, Delhi

I decided to order Lord Krishna's Puja through Askganesha.com on Janamashtmi although we also performed it at home. But Askganesha.com does it with strict rituals and proper chant of mantras. I believe that this time Lord Krishna was with us along with his blessings and love.

By Samiksha Batra, CS, Sydney

There can be no website like Askganesha.com. There is no such problem to which they do not have solutions to. Just like their name, they have a quality to take away all the problems of people from them. All their services are great.

By Srihari Bhardawaj, IT Professional, Hyderabad

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