Kal Sarpa Dosh Nivaran Puja

About Kal Sarpa Dosh Nivaran Puja

This happens when the 7 planets are on the one side of Rahu and Ketu axis. This results in formation of the kal sarp dosh. There are several types of Kal sarp dosh and some planetary combinations cause failure and dejection. The person who has the afflicted kal Sarp dosh faces negativity and inferiority complex.

The Kal Sarpa Dosh Nivaran Puja done by well versed purohits and is very effective. The special pooja is done on special muhurat and auspicious day.

This puja is effective for person who has KAL SARP DOSH and is facing the following issues :
  • When all your work comes to a standstill and fruitless struggles indicated.
  • When you are failing in business/career.
  • Should I start the new venture or carry on the existing one?
  • Enemies are the prime reason for your loss in business, and obstacles in life.
  • When you are not getting the worth of efforts put in.
  • When you have allergy problems, itching, white /black dots on skin problems.

The Puja will include Mantra Japa for Kalsarpa Dosha, donation of a pair of snake (made in Silver), along with several other offerings and a havan in the end.

Pictures of KalSarpa Dosh Puja performed for AskGanesha Client on order

Top Customer Reviews

I am Ajay Diwan, I would recommend Kal sarp Dosha nivaran puja to all those who had been facing problems because of this dosha. This puja deletes all the negative effects from the dosha that is creating them on the first place. I got it done online and also learnt why should we do it. We all should have basic knowledge of how astrology works.

By Ajay Diwan, Businessman, Gujarat

Kal sarp in my kundli was making probs for my career. I kept getting in the wrong books of my boss because of some or other misunderstanding. I didn't know what to do. This is when I thot that enough is enough and I shud go for a nivaran puja of my kal sarp dosha. I got the puja done through a good pundit and the puja started to show results in a month. My career is good now.

By Kriti Aggarwal, freelance photographer, Miami

I went to many astrologers and tarot card readers before going to askganesha.com. They did suggest many solutions but none of them solved any problem. I went to askganesha's astrologer and he told me that it is all bcoz of kal sarp dosh which is in my kundli for a long time. I asked for help and they told me a puja would be helpful. I got the puja done through them and I thanked my frnd who recommended this website to me as it solved all my problems.

By Niket Bagdi, Engineer, Greater Noida

I have kal sarp dosha in my kundli and that is why I was facing problems in carrying out my marriage. I consulted Askganesha.com and they told me the depth of it, the solution was to get Kal sarp dosha nivaran puja done to get rid of the problem. I listened to them and order the puja thru their website only. The puja really helped to come out as a winner, I could handle my marriage life better now.

By Param Singh Sahab, Fashion designer, Bangalore

I got to say same things about this website. I have used many of its services and all are good. Recently I used kal sarp dosha nivaran puja for my son to solve his inferiority problems. After the puja, there is a lot of improvement in his personality and I really hope that he gets better with time. Thank you Askganesha.com.

By Shama Bajaj, teacher, Bhopal

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