Ayusha Puja and Homam

About Ayusha Puja and Homam

This Puja or Homam is done to worship the god of life (Ayur Devatha ). By doing this Homam, one gets long life blessings from Ayur Devatha

By doing this Homam, one gets long life blessings from Ayur Devatha. Ones a year this Homam is recommended for healthy living and long life. If you are suffering from any ailment for long, then also Ayusha Homam is recommended.

In general practice, this is performed once or even more times in a year either on the day of the star in which the person is born or on suitable muhurat.

You will need to perform this Homam on the Star (Nakshatra) as per the horoscope or on special muhurat performed by Askganesha purohits.

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We get Ayusha Puja done every year for my son especially on the date when he was born. He always suffered from one or another health problem, we could not have any other child and are very protective of our kid so get this puja done through Askganesha.com with its Purohit and also at our home with our family members.

By Rajesh Rohilla, Event Manager, Montreal

We have chosen askganesha.com to perform all the puja on our behalf as it is a genuine website and never lets us down. We are glad to find this website as this provides all kind of service. We get Ayusha Puja done through this website every year and with God's blessings, all of us are living a healthy and happy life.

By Sanjay Verma, Construction agent, Meerut

I have done this puja and also recommended it to many, people come to me as they have belief that I will heal their pain. Things can be worse, pain can be worse. I have asked many people to get this puja done and they all did it and came to thank me with a smile on their face. I think that is the biggest satisfaction anyone can ever get.

By Triveni Aggarwal, Physiotherapist, Shimla

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