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Aaditya Bhaskar Surya Maha Yagya for govt. job or higher position, for lot of fame and recognition.

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Astrologically, Aaditya Bhaskar Surya Maha Yagya involves praying Lord Surya(Sun). It signifies power, status, authority, vitality, gold, wheat, promotion, medicine, victory, velour, fame, honour, and relationship with boss and father, the benevolence of the government and the person, who are in power.

This Yagya is devoted to Lord Sun and is suggested to individuals who face harmful effects due to the wrong position of Sun in their birth chart. The Lord Sun is the only visible deity we can see and pray. Lord Surya is known as the life giver or "Prandata" for the whole universe. He is very significant in everyone's life and is believed to witness all the events which happen in our lives. He also indicated as Atmakaraka, where 'Atma' means soul and 'Karaka' means pointer.

Aaditya Bhaskar Surya Maha Yagya is preferably suggested to be performed on Sunday. It is very helpful as it provides the guts to face difficult problems and removes the bad effects from the birth chart of an individual. This Yagya is done to please Surya to get rid of Sun Mahadasha effects.

Aaditya Bhaskar Surya Maha Yagya Benefits :

There are several benefits of Surya Yagya:

  • To have a good heart and good health.
  • Makes the situations favourable for your work.
  • Helps growth in career and service especially in government job or higher sector.
  • Supports name and fame.
  • Removes the ego and encourage good actions.
  • Extends outstanding results in higher studies.
  • Peculiar Yagya for blessings of Lord Surya.
Guidelines for performing Aaditya Bhaskar Surya Maha Yagya

In A Surya Yagya Vidhi, you are advised to get up early in the morning even before Sunrise as the Yagya of rising Sun is done during the early morning. In this Yagya, Lord Sun is worshipped along with reciting Gayatri Mantra and offering the God with red chandan flowers and water. After that, a meditation of is performed for a certain time. Although this is general information about this Surya Maha Yagya which is much elaborate and complex this needs a well-learned Purohit for performing it with a proper Vidhi Vidhan.

Yagya and zodiac signs

Lord Surya is recognized as the strongest planet according to an astrological point of view. Lord Sun rules the mind and wisdom of a person. Surya dignifies the birth sign of Aries and falls in the zodiac sign of Libra. Lord Sun live for 1 month in each zodiac sign and revolves around the whole zodiac in one year.

The person, who wants to enhance aspects related to Lord Sun in his life, should opt for Aaditya Bhaskar Surya Maha Yagya. Since Lord Surya is also indicative of heart troubles, eye diseases, bone disorders, epilepsy. This Yagya is suggested for recovery from or healing from these physical problems. Individuals born in Leo ascendant and Leo Rashi (Moon sign) are recommended this Yagya at regular intervals. It is always recommended for individuals, who are passing through adverse Dasha or transit of Lord Surya or in a war. This Yagya involves the use of Vedic mantras, beautifully combining with some other potent verses like Aditya Hridaya Stotram.

In Astrology, the Sun represents a conscious mind. In Hinduism, the Sun God worship considered very sacred and "Surya Namaskaram" is a special bowing method to express salutation to the Sun God (Surya Deva).

You can consult AskGanesha for this Yagya and book a hassle-free homam from any part of the world.

Top Customer Reviews

This maha Yagya was performed at my home when our family business incurred heavy losses due to certain market condition. Such a huge loss almost brought our business to a close. The Yagya was paid and it was really a good experience. Thanks to AskGanesha's astrologers and Purohits.

By Abhilash Rathore, Businessman, Rajasthan

Aaditya Bhaskar Surya Maha Yagya as I have heard and personally experienced the benefit in my professional and personal life. After doing this Yagya, my business profits have increased 2 folds and I have gained more respect in my industry. It really worked for me and I would recommend this Yagya for all.

By Ankit Basu, Marketing Associate, Germany

My professional life was on a very terrible stage 2 months ago, my promotion was stuck and financial burden was increasing day by day. My mother consulted our family Pundit, who suggested us Aaditya Bhaskar Surya Maha Yagya and I ordered this Yagya from AskGanesha. They understood our condition and did the Yagya for me. They gave us timely photos and videos of the Yagya. I felt postivity in my life and finally got my profession.

By Himanshu Shrivastava, software engineer, MP

I did this Yagya for my son who was not able to clear his competitive exams for government job from a long time. There was one or the other obstacles that was coming his way and he was sinking to depression. That's when my neighbour suggested me to perform this Yagya for my son. I contacted AskGanesha for this Yagya and they helped me out by performing it with complete Vidhi Vidhan at very nominal price. My son has cleared his exam and is now waiting his joining. All thanks to AskGanesha.

By Medha Tiwari, housewife, Nagpur

My mother was suffering from health issues and was not able to get cured from a long time now. Doctors were not able to help and we have lost all hope. When I surfed through internet for the remedies that's when I found AskGanesha.com. I consulted their astrologers and they were kind enough to understand my situation and perform Aaditya Bhaskar Surya Maha Yagya for the wellbeing of my mother. She is in good shape now, I am very thankful to Lord Surya.

By Prieti Desai, Professor, Delhi

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