Lord Vishnu Mantra

Lord Vishnu Mantra is extremely powerful to eliminate evil

Lord Vishnu is esteemed as the protector of the universe. He is known by thousands of names and is one of the most favoritedeities in Hinduism. He is regarded as the most merciful and compassionate towards all human kinds. Since, Lord Vishnu is the protector of the universe, he is believed to protect his devotees from all kinds of evil forces.

The below given mantra is an extremely powerful verse that is deemed to eliminate all kinds of unholy spells and wicked energies from one’s household and personal life. The mantra aids in giving rise to pragmatic and cheerful vibrations around the essayer. The mantra, when chanted with utmost hope and devotion act as a shield against all kinds of evil harms. The mantra helps in attaining the Lord’s blessings in form of peace, prosperity and auspiciousness.

While this mantra removes all kinds of evil forces from the life as well as the household of the essayer, it also acts as an enhancer of financial security as it aids in securing the materialistic possession of the native. It benefits the devotee with unwavering self confidence and invincible concentration, thereby showing the fastest path leading to success.


|| Om namo bhagavate vasudevaya namah ||

|| नमो भगवते वासुदेवाय ||

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I used to recite this mantra everyday and now leading a peaceful and happy life.

By Anjana Kashyap, Journalist, Noida

This Mantra brought well being and prosperity to my family. Thanks to AskGanesha.

By Hari Narayan, Tea stalls Owner, Ahom

After chanting this mantra, Vishnu enters our mind and all good things happen to me.

By Neha Gupta, C.A., Delhi

I am going through lots of troubles in my life and was not satisfied with my life then I start chanting this mantra after getting consulted with Askganesha astrologers and this mantra gives me the strength to overcome troubles and gives me success.

By Rajesh Kumar, Custom officer, Mumbai

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