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Surdas Jayanti

Surdas Jayanti

Surdas Jayanti celebrates the birthday of glorified soul Surdas who is believed to be blind but he was glorified for his work.

The meaning of the word Surdas is "servant of melody".

He is known for his literary skills and he is famous for his poems and songs.

The poet ascribed his contributions to Vatsalya Ras. He was a great follower of Lord Krishna. From his childhood, he had a keen interest in the poetry, singing and writing for Lord Krishna. Majorly, he used to write in the language of Braj which is considered as the native language of Vrindavan.

Biogrpahy of Surdas :

Exact date of birth od Surdas is unknown. There are some clashes in the 1478 AD and 1479 AD. The same is considered in his death date. Some say it is 1581 AD and some say it is 1584 AD.

He was born in a Saraswat Brahmin. He was born to Pandit Ramdas Saraswat. He was neglected by his family because he was born blind. Due to which, he left his home. He started living on the banks of Yamuna River. He was a devotee of Lord Krishna since his childhood.

One day, he met Shri Vallabhacharya while his pilgrimage to Vrindavan and he became his disciple.

Celebration of Surdas Jayanti.

People who have connection with the music line celebrate this Jayanti with great worship and devotion. Surdas was significant in poem, writings and songs, so people who are having interested in this field, worship Surdas. In many areas, special programs are organized as a dedication towards the Saint Surdas.

Every year, cultural programs are celebrated in large numbers that are dedicated to the saint Surdas. In various places people chant out the manuscripts that were written by the Saint Surdas. Bhajan and Kirtan are also organized on this day and songs that were written by Surdas are sung on this day.

Rituals of Surdas Jayanti

People keep fasts for all day long

They worship Lord Krishna and offer him prayers

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