Wedding Ring: A symbol of everlasting bond

22 November, 2018
Wedding Ring: A symbol of everlasting bond Wedding Ring: A symbol of everlasting bond

A wedding ring is the most valuable and precious possession in one's life. It is the visible element that symbolizes the marriage. It is an icon which indicates one's loyalty and commitment of the couples. Wedding rings are a very special piece of jewelry and it symbolizes your love and commitment and also binds the two souls who are in love for a lifespan. By exchanging rings the couple promise with each other that they will take care of each other and share all the happiness and sorrow of their life. They also show that they are ready to take responsibility for each other for whole life. Some people have substituted this traditional ritual with a more modern version where an 'eternity' ring is put on to indicate an eternal wedding. Another way to make your diamond wedding rings more unique and special to both you and your partner is to have them etched something that means something to you both. Often plain rings just don't match the personality of the owners so if this is the case why not have both you and your partner's wedding ring given a unique style by having the rings etched; remember the rings should be a mirror-image of you and your partner. Choosing a ring for your marriage is a private thing as long as you both concur, almost everything you decide will be right.

Importance of wedding rings, How a wedding ring is worn? The wedding ring is usually worn on the fourth finger of the left hand since that finger has the 'vein of love' which is connected to one's heart. During the classical period, this vein was referred to as the vena amoris. The Chinese have given an interesting symbolism for all fingers. According to them, the thumb represents one's parents. The index finger symbolizes the siblings. The middle finger represents you. The 4th finger represents the life partner and the 5th represents your children. Importance of a wedding ring Throughout your wedding do not forget the significance of your wedding ring; it should be treated with esteem as it probably won't leave your finger very often. Irrespective of the style you finally decide upon, do not bring anything but the best quality. It is possible to buy diamond wedding rings inexpensively but this must not be done as it weakens the value and you can be sure the rings will not endure the test of time. If you are spending a good deal of money, you will need to be certain they fit perfectly on the wedding day.

Types of wedding rings, How a wedding ring should be? Wedding rings are usually made with yellow gold which is mixed with copper, tin or silver in order to give it the hardness. Modern wedding rings are mostly made out of platinum or white gold because of their color and luster. Titanium is another popular material which is in vogue presently. This metal comes cheaper than gold but of course durable. However, due to the low cost, some couples settle for wedding rings made out of stainless steel. The rings represent the virtues of love, hope, and faith in marriage. Some people also engrave each other's names on the wedding ring to show their bond together. Married people usually consider it a sign of their strong bond and usually wear it till a long time. You can talk to our astrologers for a perfect astrological advice on love compatibility in the relationship. They can also recommend you the best gemstones for your wedding ring.

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