Can Astrology really Predict Relationship Compatibility? Few insights into Vedas on Love and Marriage

20 March, 2022
Can Astrology really Predict Relationship Compatibility? Few insights into Vedas on Love and Marriage Can Astrology really Predict Relationship Compatibility? Few insights into Vedas on Love and Marriage

The sagas of the PuRe Love of Radha-Krishna, DeVine Powerful Shiva-Parvati relationship and the most ReVered Sita-Ram marriage has been beautifully described in our Vedic Puranas. Likewise, Bhima-Hidimba, Shakuntla-Dushyant, Arjun-Subhadra, Pandu-Kunti, Nal-Damyanti, various facets of these Love and marriage relationship tales have been magnificently expressed. Moreover, it amazes me to know that our Veda has positively spoken about the Gandharva vivaha. Which is basically a love marriage. Hence, Love alliances were recognised and accepted even during the Vedic times. Similarly, another beautiful ritual prevailed, where the girl had the freedom to choose her life partner known as Swayamwar.  

The importance of a blissful love or marriage was realised even during early Vedic times.

Not to mention for this purpose, specifically dedicated Vedic Rituals and Mantras for harmonious, soulful relationships were created by our Veda Rishis or Sages. And these rituals were largely based on the Cosmic Manifestation of the Vows and Ethics of our God and Goddess. In view of a happy peaceful life, the Vedic era entwined Astrology with love or Marital relationships. Thereupon, they created many rituals, mantras, and Anushthans for ecstatic bonding in love or marriage. Few astrology recommendations for strong relationships are:  

Katyayani Mantra

Ma Katyayani Mantra This Mantra is primarily chanted to remove hardships in love and married life. The Bhagavata Purana has mentioned Katyayani Mantra as an effective tool that should be used by those

  • Marriage is getting delayed
  • Suffering Manglik Dosha
  • Have non-compatibility issues
  • Inauspicious effects of planetary positions in the horoscope.

Interestingly, Bhagavata Purana has cited examples of 'Gopis'. They used to worship Maa Katyayani so as to have Lord Krishna as a husband. The Mantras Katyayani Mahamaye Mahayoginyadheeshwari I Nandgopsutam Devipatim Me Kuru te Namah II   Om Hring Katyaynyai Swaha || Hring Shring Katyaynyai Swaha || Askganesh carries out Katyayni Puja to remove any obstacles in relationships due to Manglik Dosha or any other Doshas.  

Kundali Matching

Marriage Kundali Matching Most of all, Vedic astrology considers Kundali matching very important for a Happy, Compatible Marriage association. Do you know there are 8 criteria to match Marriage compatibility? It is known as Kootas in Vedic Kundali astrology and they are as follows

  1. Varna: Implies the categories such as Brahmins, Vaishya, Kshatriya, Shudra. It is based on Ego and Spiritual compatibility.
  2. Vashya: Denotes the power equation, control and attraction amongst couples.
  3. Tara or Dina: There are 27 Nakshatras or Star in this Koota, indicating well being and destiny.
  4. Yoni: This measure the mutual love, compatibility and intimacy level between couples.
  5. Rashyadipati or Graha Maitram: It signifies mental compatibility, affection and harmony in the alliance.
  6. Gana: Indicates the behaviour, character and temperament of the couple.
  7. Rashi or Bhakoota: This shows the emotional and love connection. Therefore the happiness, sorrow and longevity of the marriage.
  8. Nadi: It is the most important Koota, as it tells about the health conditions of the couple and thereby checks the health and happiness of the progeny.

Alongside, within each Kootas, there are points assigned for specific characteristics of the Bride and Groom. These points sum up to 36 points or aspects which are called Gunas. This unique methodology of matching the Gunas within Kootas is called Ashta Koota Milan. Therefore, the Higher the compatibility of Gunas happier will be Bride and Groom in Marital life. Although there are other kinds of Matching processes described in Vedas, the Ashta Koota matching process is considered a highly effective way. In order to measure the successfulness of a Bride and Groom amalgamation. Askganesha provides complete analysis and solutions of Kundali matching for Happy Soulful relationships  

Kamdev-Rati Puja is considered most fruitful for Love and Relationship

Kamadeva and Rati Puja This Puja is recommended for a Blissful Relationship in Marriage and Love, Immense Attraction and Perfect Soulmate. Surprisingly, in our Vedas, Love has been described as a powerful and respectful emotion. Not many would know the love story of God Kamdev and Goddess Rati. They were the most beautiful couple with an intrinsic love and romantic relationship.

About Lord Kamdev Rati Puja and Homam

In our Vedas Kamdev and Rati are depicted as the god and goddesses of love. While Kamdev is the epitome of masculinity and Rati is of feminine beauty and charm. There are so many texts, novels, poems that have been written on their love and beauty.

Based on our Ancient Inscriptions

As per Kalika Purana, Kamadeva the god of love was created from Brahma's mind. Brahma gave him the responsibility to spread love in the world. And to accomplish this task he was bestowed with the weapon of love. Which was a bow made of sugarcane with strings of honey bees and the Arrow made of five kinds of flowers. Lord Kamadeva for love   Once again, it was with Brahma's interference Prajapati Daksha married his beautiful daughter Rati to Kamadeva. Consequently, Rati and Kamadeva emerged as the most desired match. Their unparalleled Charm and most handsome characteristics together made them the most desired couple. Undoubtedly they began to be recognized as the symbols of everlasting love till eternity. Therefore, to seek Lord Kamadeva's blessings for the desired love we chant Kamadev Gayatri Mantra , , Om Kamadevaya Vidmahey, Pushpa Banaya Dhimahi, Tanno Anangaha Prachodayat. While to attract somebody we chant Rati Mantra: Om een kalim namoh bhagvati ratividheye mahamohini kameshi swarlokvansh kuru kuru swaha.   However, there is a specified ritual to be followed while chanting Kamdev-Rati Mantra. Askganesha experienced pandits performs this puja in the temple with proper Vidhi Vidhan. For details visit here Kamdev-Rati-Puja


No matter Love and Marriage may just happen, they can always be strengthened with our Vedic rituals and Mantras. Astrology can be effectively used to rectify any problems occurring in solemnising marriage. Similarly, even existing love or marital issues can be resolved to a large extent through Vedic Puja. Do you further want to explore astrology and love association visit love-astrology-to-attract-a-specific-person-into-your-life  

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