5 Must Vastu tips to follow for your workplace

02 September, 2023
5 Must Vastu tips to follow for your workplace 5 Must Vastu tips to follow for your workplace

Vastu Shastra is the ancient Indian art of architecture which is a blend of astrology, astronomy, art, and science. Vastu Shastra emphasizes aligning the energies and environment in the interest of mankind. In simple words, it is used to study and provide solutions to the ill impact of structure and negative energy arising therefrom that creates hindrance in the peace, health, and prosperity of the dwellers. Let us understand the 5 Vastu tips to follow for your workplace.

Are you seeking Vastu Shastra aid for your office? This article intends to update you with the basic Vastu tips for your place of work-

1- Facing and location for the workplace

Growth, prosperity, and returns are decided by the facing and locality of your house, therefore keeping it right is a necessity. You must decide on a workplace with good connectivity and with peaceful surroundings. Do not opt for offices in noisy areas with stinks of garbage houses in the surroundings and hospitals etc. The North, North-west, and North-East East directions are assumed to be attracting good fortune for the owners of offices or those operating from there. The energy of the building and surroundings depicts the business’s fortune.

2- How should be the entrance of the office?

Along with making sure of the face of the main gate in the above directions, nothing must create obstructions for the visitors while entering. It is suggested not to place anything in front of the main gate as according to Vastu such objects would be obstructions in good luck also. Obstructions could be pillars, dust bins, electricity poles, trees, etc., which should neither be beside the entrance gate nor in front of it. The entrance of the office should be well–lit. Make sure the entrance emits positive energy by having no clutter around and being well-maintained.

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3- Vastu tips for furniture and its placement

Though revolving chairs are in-trend, but as per Vastu, it is strictly not recommended. Go for regular shape chairs and tables as in the case of furniture, conventional office furniture would be technically right as per Vastu Shastra. Time-honoured furniture doesn’t ruin the energy but rather ensures the correct flow of energy. So, next time when you think of buying furniture for your office, stick to the old school of furniture.

4- Interiors and paints in your office

While designing the interiors of the office, any piece of artefact depicting stagnancy must be stringently avoided. Paintings or statues of animals or other objects that signify pace, growth, and harmony are the ones that would bestow growth to business also. 9 goldfish and one 1 black fish in an aquarium in the office can also help you attract good luck. As far as paints are concerned, different shades of color from the red family like orange, pink, and red itself on the northern nook of the office. Lighter and soothing shades are advised the best for example shades of green family, white, off-white, and light brown shades. In a nutshell, go for the shades that escalate positivity and efficiency in your office instead of gloomy and distracting shades.

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5- Set departments of office in the right zones

Apart from the above Vastu tips, allotting the right area is important. Take a look at the following tips for the zones of the office–

* The financial department should have a face towards North.

* Guest or welcome room must be in the North- East corner of the office area.

* The room of the working partners must face the North direction.

* Document storage house must be in the South-west direction.

* The conference room should be in North-west direction.

* Energy emitting devices like computers etc must face South East direction.

* The Centre of the office should be left unoccupied or vacant.

To foster the growth of your business and a healthy work environment in your office, Vastu Shastra tips are result -oriented. By choosing an ideal location, entrance of the office and other elements like ventilation, light, interiors and position of various departments’ abundance in wealth, harmony and good energy can be confirmed. Clinch to Vastu Shastra guidelines to have positivity, growth, and profusion in your life.

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