Vastu Tips for Temple of the House

11 May, 2024
Vastu Tips for Temple of the House Vastu Tips for Temple of the House

It is often seen that the temple occupies the smallest area of the house. Also, in the culture of small houses like flats, space on the shelf of a kitchen or living room is given to the zone of the house which is responsible for your state of mind, happiness, and prosperity. A temple is a storehouse or centre of positive energy, and the dwellers of the house will be able to imbibe positivity only when the temple is built as per the Vastu Shastra. Therefore, instead of allotting the leftover space of the house to the temple, plan it and everything else as per the science of direction. The importance and role of Vastu Shastra is known widely and it is the only way to make deity in your temple happy. To have happiness all around your home, follow Vastu tips for the temple of your home.

Vastu Recommendations for the temple of your home

Vastu Recommendations for the temple of your home

Best Direction for temple in a house as per Vastu

Starting with the direction of the temple in a house, the northeast direction is the best direction for the temple of your house. It is believed that North East direction attracts maximum energy from the Sun making it a hub of energy and therefore, a temple should be at a place where it imbibes maximum energy from the cosmos and spreads in other parts of the house.

The Mandir or temple of the house should be on the ground floor and providing it space in the basement, upper floors, beneath stairs, or near the toilet and bathing zone should be strictly avoided. The Temple of the house shouldn’t be in the south direction as the south direction is the abode of Yam, the god of death. The north-east corner is suitable for the temple in the workplace also.

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Idols in the temple of the House

The idols shouldn’t be placed close to the walls of the temple. Keep it a few inches away from walls and above the ground. Idols should face either the north or east direction as these directions possess positive energy and channel their flow to the worshippers and dwellers of the house. It is also being said that the height of the idol should not be more than 6 inches or should be of thumb size. Also, idols and paintings of the dead shouldn’t be placed in temples. Any painting displaying violence should be avoided.

Design of temple in a house as per Vastu Shastra

Unlike temples where the ceiling is high, the ceiling of the temple of the house should be low. A gopura or pyramid-shaped ceiling is advised to bestow a positive environment in the house. Instead of one door entry, have two door entries for the temple. Adequate sitting space should be available in the temple. Also, the height of the temple in a home should be between 32 to 36 inches.

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Storage of the temple of a house

Avoid messing up in your temple and to avoid it compact storage is advised. The more the clutter, the more hampered be positive energy emitted by the temple. Have the storage compartment below the idols. Any storage shelf or drawer above the temple is not recommended by Vastu Shastra. The best direction for storage for the temple is South-east and it shouldn’t cause hindrance in the sunlight coming towards the temple. Maintain items related to veneration only in the storage of the temple. Keep needless items away from the most auspicious zone of the house.

Paints in your Puja room

Say no to black and brown in your temple as it restricts the flow the positive energy to your surroundings. Light colour paints are recommended best according to Vastu Shastra. Various shades of white, beige, yellow, and orange are supportive colors that not only support the pensive ambiance but aid in the reflection of energy to the surroundings of the temple. Curtains in the temple should also be of light colors.

Doors of temples in your house

Vastu Shastra endorses wooden doors for the temple to be built in a home. Don’t keep your temple without doors or curtains in case a door isn’t possible. It is believed that Gods in the temple also have a routine that starts with early morning puja, rest in the noon time, and sleep post-evening veneration. The constant gaze of occupants isn’t computed to be right on idols of your temple. Apart from this, doors are necessary to keep the temple away from dust.

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Lights in your home temple

Go for the serene and pacifying impact that doesn’t obstruct your spiritual calmness during puja. Soothing lights that don’t let you focus. The use of glitzy lights in temples should be restrained. Also, natural sunlight is incomparable and the best to have in your temple. Avoid keeping the temple in the dark or make sure you don’t need to use artificial light in the daytime. Sunlight is pious and the biggest source of energy and when it transmits from your temple have magical energy that can change your life.

Metal of Accessories in the temple

The metals that are considered pious for accessories in the temple are brass, copper and bronze. Silver is a cool metal and can also be kept if within the limits of affordability. The divine sound has a purifying impact on the temple and its surroundings. Also, metals like brass copper and bronze have the amazing potential to diminish the negativity in temples due to negative energy. Accessories of iron metal are strictly to be kept out of the temple.

Best zone in a house of the temple

The best thing is to have a separate area in the north east direction of your home. Having a temple in the bedroom and near the toilet or bathroom isn’t recommended. Don’t keep the temple in kitchen cabinets also.

The chief objective of Vastu Shastra is to provide a better life by swiping the negative energy from the surroundings or any construction. Foster your luck by obtaining divine blessings from idols in the temple of your house. Contact the finest Vastu Shastra experts at Ask Ganesha for Vastu dosh remedies involving Vastu Dosh Nivaran Puja to make your home full of positive energy and happiness.

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