Vastu Tips for Home in year 2024

12 January, 2024
Vastu Tips for Home in year 2024 Vastu Tips for Home in year 2024

Home is the best place in the world which is embellished and designed by human beings most hypnotically. The feel-good factor is being looked upon by every human being irrespective of the size of the home. The quantum of peace and relaxation that our soul finds at home is unmatched. To have continued bliss, positivity, and tranquillity at home, the Vastu shastra tips are being practiced worldwide. Let us know the Vastu Tips for Home in year 2024.

In our world, nothing is permanent but a change. With the change in the calendar of the year, one must incorporate changes in life as well as home to let the universe unleash positivity and glee into your life.

Bring home luck, tranquillity, and peace by bringing home the following things

Goddess Lakshmi Effigy–

Who doesn’t know the deity Lakshmi is the resource of abundance? Bring her effigy in any form and install it in your temple. By following the right mode of her veneration of Lakshmi Mata, the blessings of the goddess will enrich you in all aspects. Buying a new locker and replacing the old one for your valuables are likely to affirm affluence in your life. Organizing your valuables and de-cluttering the waste would be highly effective in getting rich and growing in your life. 

Laughing Buddha 

A wooden potbellied laughing Buddha compels everyone to have a smile with its glimpse. It is the effigy of the benevolent Japanese God Hotei lovingly called Laughing Buddha. It spreads smiles and bestows the home with wealth, happiness, contentment, and love. The upcoming New Year would have no scarcity of funds and wealth by positioning the Laughing Buddha towards the main door of your house. Get the luck and wealth in your house with the figurine of a Japanese monk.

Wind Chime

In Vastu Shastra, the wind chime is considered very auspicious. The sweet sound it produces expels negative energy from the entire house and facilitates the circulation of positive energy within the home. On the arrival of the New Year, it is advisable to install a wind chime in your home or office. Installing it is believed to eliminate poverty from the house and welcome the arrival of wealth.

Bring in some greens in your house 

No artificial, instead find places in your house for green plants. Green plants on both sides of your door will attract positivity. While placing it inside the house, make sure you get its glimpse every time you roam in the house. Keep on trimming the dried parts and letting it give you the tranquillity hidden in green. Let your mornings of New Year start with the hues of green for much-awaited wealth, happiness, and peace.

Artifacts and paintings in your home 

Don’t procrastinate further since paintings and artifacts can attract luck, money, and happiness. Depending upon your motive, you can give a companion to your boring walls in distinct directions of home. Like running horse painting on the south wall gives growth in career and business. Painting or effigy of two swans in your bedroom will work towards strengthening your relationship with your partner. Find the best piece of advice for the best paintings and pictures for your home to fetch good luck from the renowned and widely trusted Vastushastra and astrology experts.


This new year get a mirror for your prosperity not to gaze at your beauty. In VastuShastra, the mirror is the tool to increase income. Placing it in the north direction of the house can fetch abundance to dwellers of the house. Remember, the mirror shouldn’t be placed in the bedroom.

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Bamboo Plant

Get some woods of bamboo in a beautiful vase for your living or drawing room, if you want to ensure great health of members, positivity, and longevity at home. It works wonders when placed in the office also, therefore this New Year makes sure your home and workplace have bamboo plants. Give due attention and care to the plant also to find peace.


A glassy abode of small fish, an aquarium may also become part of your home which must be placed only in the northern direction of the house. North direction is assumed to have the dwelling of God of profusion and lavishness, Kuber. The colorful shoal of swimming and playing fishes will bring in bountifulness in the home along with being hostile to negativity.

By practicing the above tips, you can have an exquisite New Year full of fun, happiness, wealth, and peace. But, there are a few VastuDoshas that will continue to woe you until resolved. Avail the expert advice of the top Vastu experts for lifelong bliss with Vastu Nivaran Puja.  

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