Ugadi festival: Worshiping Lord Vishnu

04 April, 2019
Ugadi festival falls on the day of Chaitra, which is the month in the customary Hindu calendar. In the Gregorian date-book, it more often than not falls in the period of March or April. It is the time when New Year's Day is additionally celebrated in numerous parts of India. Ugadi festival introduces a celebratory mood in the states like Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana. The word Ugadi is formed from two unique words; 'Yuga' that signifies 'age' in Sanskrit and 'Adi' that signifies beginning both in Sanskrit and Kannada. ugadi importance

Ugadi and Panchang

For the general population of these states, Ugadi symbolizes the start of the New Year according to the Hindu schedule. It is an event that is generally celebrated with day-long festivities. Individuals attempt new pursuits amid Ugadi as it is viewed as a promising time of the year. The whole family worships the Panchang or the new Hindu calendar for worship which is perused for the first time. It is trusted that exceptional favors are bestowed on the individuals who read and listen to the Panchang. The sanctuary minister or whosoever is perusing the Panchang should be given endowments of thanks as new garments. ugadi panchang

The significance of Ugadi festival

The event of Ugadi holds a great deal of significance in the lives of the people in India, which comes from old convictions and practices. The way that Ugadi is as yet celebrated with so much intensity and excitement proceed to demonstrate its significance even in the present time and age. Since it's trusted that Brahma began the formation of the universe on this favorable day, Ugadi is praised to recognize his work. One of the names of Lord Vishnu is Yugaadikrit, which implies the maker of the Yugas or ages. Lord Vishnu Puja is performed on this day. ugadi celebrations

How is Ugadi celebrated?

The Ugadi festival holds excitement and sparkle in the lives of the people. On an uncommon day, individuals wake up before dawn and prepare subsequent to scrubbing down, as it is a predominant custom for Ugadi. Indeed, even the icons of divine beings and goddesses are given an oil-bath on this day. Homes, temples, and shops are designed with blooms and mango leaves, particularly the passageways. Making brilliant botanical examples or rangolis before the houses is a typical practice on the day. Relatives and family people dress up in new garments and accumulate to venerate and come together on this day. Prayers of worship are offered to the Sun God before devouring Bevu Bella, a dish that holds much centrality in Ugadi festivities. Individuals visit temples to make contributions and look for blessings from the Almighty and begin the New Year on a glad and positive note. Delicious dishes are cooked for the event and eaten by families. Desserts and eatables are shared to companions and neighbors. An imperative part of the event is the Panchanga Shravanam or becoming aware of the Panchanga. It is perused by the priests in the temple or by the oldest individual from the family at home. On this day, in view of the moon sign, expectations and yearly forecast for the New Year are likewise made by the scholarly pandits and astrologers. We at Askganesha can help you in performing the Puja or Sun God in an auspicious way. They have a team of well-learned Purohits who can perform the Puja on your behalf. Askganesha wishes you a very happy Ugadi festival.

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