The God-Kings: Tridev

12 January, 2020
The God-Kings: Tridev The God-Kings: Tridev

The triple deity in Hinduism represents Supreme divinity and is responsible for undertaking cosmic functions of creation, maintenance, and destruction. Commonly known as Tridev i.e. three devas or Gods, Trimurti consists of Lord Brahma; the creator, Lord Vishnu; the preserver and Lord Shiva; the destructor.

Brahma Dev the creator is responsible for the creation of this cosmos. He along with his consort Devi Saraswati look after the creation of men, women, plants, animals, devas, demons, and all other organisms found in this universe. Brahma Dev is the creator of the Four Vedas, it is believed that all the Four Vedas originated from his four Mouths. Brahm dev is considered ‘Swaymbhu’, i.e. self-born.  He is also known as Vga or the lord of speech. According to some scriptures like ‘Bhagvat Purana', Brahma is considered to be born out of Lord Vishnu through a lotus stem attached to Vishnu's naval. Some other scriptures like 'Shiva Purana’, Brahma is believed to be born out of the left side of Shiva’s body. Brahma is not worshipped as ardently as two other Gods of Tridev. There are very few temples devoted to Brahma Dev in India. The most famous temple of Lord Brahma is in Pushkar, Rajasthan. 

Lord Vishu is considered as the preserver of the universe. He looks after the world created by Brahma. He adorns many incarnations at the times when evils and destruction are prevalent. Vishnu in Sanskrit means, the preserver or the one who is present in everything or is everything. Vishnu is depicted as a blue or black coloured body form with four hands. Different things are held in all these four hands. On one hand, he carries Sudarshan Chakra, denoting war to restore dharma. One hand carries conch, which is spiral and is called Panchjanya, denoting the spiral cycle of life and death. The third hand is carrying Gada,a club denoting authority and power of knowledge. On the fourth hand, he carries Padma, alotus flower depicting purity and transcendence. Vishnu is worshipped widely among Hindus. Goddess of prosperity Lakshmi is his consort. His incarnation as Krishna and Shri Ram are the most worshipped and revered.

Lord Shiva is the god of death or destruction. He is one of the most worshipped and revered God of Hindus. He along with his consort Shakti is believed to be the Supreme power, who create, preserve and destroy the universe, and the two other deities of the Trimurti are born out of Shiva and Shakti. Shiva is very unique in his appearance, totally different from other deities. He does not adorn any ornaments or beautiful attires. He wears the skin of the lion and ornaments of snakes. The moon shines on his forehead where he wears the crown of his Jatas or a bun of entangled hair on the top of his head. The sacred river Ganga comes out of the Jatas of Shiv on the earth. There is a blue mark on his throat, which is believed to be formed when he drank poison to save the Gods. That is why he is also called Neel Kantha. Shiva shows that worldly wealth and grandeur are worthless. You should have immense spiritual and meditative power or vehemence to be revered or worshipped. The destroyer form of Shiv is also called ‘Rudra’. Rudra is known as fierce, aggressive, and impetuous. Otherwise, Shiva is known to be smadhishth or engaged in meditation all the time. 

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