Shahrukh Khan - Year 2016 Prediction

02 November, 2015
Shahrukh Khan - Year 2016 Prediction Shahrukh Khan - Year 2016 Prediction

For over two decades, the magic of his acting, qualities and charisma has entertained Bollywood, and the saga continues. The most cherished actor of the country Shahrukh Khan will celebrate his 50th birthday on November 2, 2015. During these days Shahrukh Khan is busy with the shooting for his upcoming film Dilwale, which is directed by Rohit Shetty. This year it seems that the actor would be having a quiet 50th birthday party with family.

Shahrukh Khan Horoscope and Year 2016 Prediction

 Shahrukh Khan Kundali

Name: Shahrukh Khan
Date of Birth: November 02, 1965
Time of Birth: 02:30:00
Place of Birth: Delhi

How the year 2016 will turn out for Shahrukh Khan At present Shahrukh Khan is running through the main dasha period of Saturn. Saturn is placed in the seventh house in its own sign. The year ahead will be quite promising for him He will have three release during the year ahead "Dilwaale', "Fan' and "Raees'. These three movies will do well at the box office. His work and different type of role from his romantic hero image will attract people's attention. In the Indian premier league (IPL) his team "Kolkata Knight Riders" will have a good scope of winning the title again. At present Shahrukh Khan is going through the period of Saturn-Venus-Moon which will run till 11th November 2015. During the period he will able to fulfill all the expectations of his spouse and children. This is the time for him to increase as well as spend his earnings in a good manner. Even his name and recognition will rise to a little extent in this period. Keeping a good care of his health is very necessary as if he goes through any troubles or health problems, his work will automatically gets affected. The period of Saturn-Venus Mars will run from 11th November 2015 to 17th January 2016. This period indicates that he will likely to get mixed results, however, the up going trend will be more in evidence. During the period he will in a general sense, actively searching for a strong social self-image. He has the capacity to achieve desired goals but he must be careful of over-activity. He will be troubled by his competitors. Sometimes he feels restlessness and uneasiness in his nature which will create a negative impact. In order to succeed in his social position in the world he will have to remove any kind of lack of passion. If he is careless about taking proper diet and rest, he is likely to fall sick. He must spare some time in a day for meditation. This will help him in building his inner self and give him strength and courage to fight any situation. The period of Saturn-Venus-Rahu will run from 17th January 2016 to 09th July 2016. This will be normal for him. He can do fairly well and desired good dividends if he plans his action properly. However, there is a lot of scope to show his talent and shape his plans into shape. His desire for social respect and financial success is strong along with domestic life. This period will enable him to earn good respect. Some cautious is needed while dealing in major decision as his decision may go wrong sometimes. It is better to consult other people always. His mind may be inclined towards religion or higher philosophy of life. In this context, he would like to visit sacred places and may come across spiritual heads. He will be devotional towards domestic matters and will pay attention to education and development of his children. You will have a good health but there are chances of some minor problems or trouble in his tongue, neck and right eye. The period of Saturn-Venus-Jupiter will run from 09th July 2016 to 10th December 2016. During the period, he will go about your work enthusiastically, always on the lookout for better prospects. He will be very cheerful during this period and this trait of him will help him to overcome minor disappointments. His profession will flourish and he may go in for expansion. He will get all assistance here from his partner and a person of good knowledge and a close friend of him. He may make a great deal of money and also establish new contacts that may prove very useful to him in his ventures. He will take his work seriously and do it well and his cheerful dispositions will make him very popular among peoples. He will give equal attention and time towards family. He will look for happiness and believe in passing good time with hisfamily and friends. wish the Badshah of Bollywood a very happy Birthday

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