Sankashti Chaturthi

16 July, 2019
Sankashti Chaturthi Sankashti Chaturthi

Sankashti Chaturthi is an Indian religious day dedicated to the worship of Lord Ganesha. It is one of the most celebrated Hindu Gods. He is also known as Sankata Hara Chaturthi because Sankata Hara. It translates to remover of obstacles, is another name for Lord Ganesha. This day is observed on the fourth day after the full moon of every Hindu calendar month.  

Importance of Sankashti Chaturthi

In Indian Mythology, there is a reason behind the observance of any day. Similarly, Sankashti Chaturthi is a day on which anyone who prays to Lord Ganesha. And fasts in his name till dusk is said to have the blessings of Lord Ganesha. Along with this, all those who pray to him, attain purity of mind and soul which helps them go to heaven. On this holy day of Sankashti Chaturthi, a special significance is given to sighting the moon. The passionate devotees of Lord Ganesha believe that by praying to the deity with dedication on this day, all their desires will be fulfilled and they will lead a prosperous life. A childless couple can observe fast on this day to be blessed with a child.  
Celebration of Sankashti Chaturthi


This day is celebrated all over India with a great deal of enthusiasm and zest. All the temples are crowded with devotees.They gather to observe the devotional hymns sung to appease Lord Ganesha. Devotees please the deity in the hope that Lord Ganesha would be pleased by their devotion. God will fulfill all their wishes along with removing the hardships in their lives. After all this, those who have fasted for the whole day break their fasts by looking at the moon.  
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