Happy Republic Day: Celebrating another Year of Freedom

26 January, 2019

On this Day the Constitution of India came into force, and India declared itself as an "Indian Republic" on January 26, 1950, and became a truly sovereign state called as the Republic Of India. The country, at last, realized the dream of Mahatma Gandhi and the many freedom fighters that fought and sacrificed their lives for the Independence of India. It was a deliberate act as the 26th of January was initially India's "Independence Day", one of Mahatma Gandhi's many symbolic acts during India's freedom struggle against the British colonial rule. The Constitution was prepared by the Constituent Assembly which was set up upon India gaining its independence from the British in 1947. So, 26th of January was declared a national holiday and has been recognized and celebrated as the HappyRepublic day of India, ever since.

History of Happy Republic day

Although India gained its independence in the year 1947, it did not have a permanent constitution and was devoid of political powers and authorities. Later on, the Drafting Committee was appointed to draft a permanent constitution for India under the chairmanship of Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar. On November 4, 1947, the drafted document was submitted and after many debates, negotiations, and modifications the document was approved and signed by all the members of the Assembly on January 24, 1950. Two days after that on January 26, 1950, the constitution of India came into effect. Eventually, the political powers were taken away from the British and India became a 'Republic'.

How the day is celebrated?

The HappyRepublic day 2019 is going to be witnessed by many new dignitaries and new faces. The Republic Day parade which is a showcase of our Indian culture, the power of army and award ceremony distribution is the main attraction of a Republic Day. Every year, bravery awards were being awarded to children of all ages for their act of bravery. The president of India award personalities of different fields, the bravery award and for achieving milestones, in their respective field. Gallantry awards are given to the soldiers and martyr are being awarded for living up to their name and can save the pride of the nation at the warfront. The most impressive celebrations include the march past of the 3 wings of the Indian Defence Force, Indian Army, Navy and Air Force. The President of India at New Delhi, on this most colorful day, takes the salute of the contingents of Armed Forces. The celebration includes a massive parade, folk dances by tribal folk from the different states in picturesque costumes marking the cultural unity of India. Further, the streak of jet planes of the Indian Air Force, leaving a trail of colored smoke, marks the end of the festival. The trees on both the sides of the route from Rashtrapati Bhawan to India Gate become alive with spectators.


The Indian HappyRepublic day celebrations have truly become world famous as one of the greatest shows on earth. It draws thousands of eager sight-seers from all over the country from all parts of the world. No other country than India can draw on such a wealth of Indian traditions and cultures, regional forms of dances and dress. On this day, India invites some the biggest and most respectable personality from the world to be the 'Chief Guest' and witness the dynamic proceedings. The chief is decided upon the economic, political and strategic interests. Team AskGanesha wishes you all a very happy Republic day. Jai Hind.

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