Independence Day Special: Are We Independent?

13 August, 2019
Its the time to celebrate 70th Independence Day in India Where people of all religion are joining hands for the love of the nation and patriotic feeling they have in their heart, a question arises in my mind seeing the current state of the nation. Are we Independent? Let's take a sneak peek and know why this question arises every time we talk about our Independence. We live in a society where we talk about men and women are given equal right. But we never treat them equally. One sect of women face a harsh and tough situation in every phase of life while some men continue to exploit their situation.
independence day celebration
We live in a society where caste and religion become ground for discrimination. Brothers of different caste and creed fight among themselves. But we are Independent. Let's come closer and build a better India. Let's hold our hands for the integrity and dignity of the nation. Respect women. They deserve to be treated equally. Let's fight against sexual assault and abuse. They are prayed in the form of Goddesses. Let's take a pledge to respect them. Take a pledge that we will act as a responsible citizen of the country. Help poor and needy, spread the word of education and follow every rule that a responsible citizen should follow. Let's pledge to bring integrity, sovereignty, and prosperity in our nation. Join hands to eliminate the evils of society like corruption, human trafficking, and female infanticide.
independence day
We breathe every day; let's make our nation take a breath of freedom. A group of individual makes a society, societies make a city. Cities make a state and states make a nation. Let's join our hands to build the golden bird again. Team AskGanesha wishes you all a very Happy Independence Day! Help us build a better nation.

"Vande Mataram"

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