Pets support a Smooth and Happy life in Astrology

19 February, 2023

Do you know that pets emulate their masters' emotions? Yes, they catch up with the feelings instantly. Besides dogs and cats other animals like horses, dolphins, apes, cows, pigs, seals, parrots, crows, elephants and a few whale species are some of the animals and birds which can understand to some extent emotional changes in the human body. Wondering if lions and tigers also understand, they certainly gauge the fear in the eyes.

How does it happen?

Most animals can estimate the behavioural and chemical changes in the human body when humans feel fear, excitement, or anger. Their ultra-sonic senses transmit their master's feelings as they are able to capture certain hormones (like oxytocin), body odour changes, the spike of key neurons and other physiological factors in humans.

Isn’t that interesting? Probably astrology learnt this phenomena ages ago that's why they associated specific animals with certain moon signs. In fact, many astrologers as a remedy suggest keeping pet animals based on the moon sign. Mainly because the personality traits formed due to cosmic arrangements connect with certain animal traits. It has also been observed that some of the planetary issues can be resolved through your association with the animal.

I remember, one of my friends who had trouble conceiving a child was advised by her astrologer to keep a pet dog as a remedy. She was asked to take good care of it. Interestingly after a year, she got pregnant with her first child. 

Another incident that drew my attention years ago, was my uncle’s daily routine of feeding pigeons during the morning time. He has been feeding pigeons for the last 30 years. He had shared that it has brought him an abundance of good luck, opportunities and remarkable insight to understand things better.  

Our ancient text has revealed the connection between planets, houses, Nakshatras and the animals 

The Sixth House from the Moon Sign tells about your strong inclination towards animals and pets.

Moon sign is arrived at based on the position of the moon in your horoscope at the time of birth. It basically mirrors your emotions, desires, and feeling going on subconsciously in your heart or mind. Since it shows the emotional aspect, your Moon sign is the base to determine the connection with the animal. 

While the sixth house represents physical health, mental & emotional wellness, and everyday task that we perform. All the choices that we make during our lifetime reflect here. It also informs about that aspect of life which needs healing. 

Now you will be able to connect the two ‘Moon signs and the 6th house. They highlight the emotional connection of pet lovers or the curative connection between animal-human. As a pet companion is the best healer if you are undergoing emotional upheaval. 

And even if you are not an ardent pet lover, feeding the animal connected to your Moon sign Nakshatra benefits you and your family. It can deflect the malefic effects of the aspecting planet.

So in your Sixth House, if the planet is well placed, you will be affectionate towards animals. For example, an exalted planet in your 6th House will connect you to a happy pet animal, and if you take good care, it will surely remove or mitigate the bad effects of unfavourable planets.

And Rahu and Ketu in the Sixth House indicate that you will share a beautiful bond with your pet. 

It has also been noticed that if you have any connection with Rahu or Ketu in your Tenth House, adopting a pet or taking care of animals fetches you a good job opportunity.

Besides the 6th house, to find your connection with animals you can also evaluate the planets present in the Revati Nakshatra.

There is an interesting detail in ancient texts that feeding or protecting snakes, helps to reap benefits from the planets in Ashlesha or Purva Bhadrapada or Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra

Hence, If you take care of the animal as per your birth chart, it can benefit you in various ways. Askganesha experts can help you to find the pet animal that can bring auspicious results in your life. 

Do you know that the planets in your birth chart are connected to some animal?

Some of them mentioned here can bring auspicious results and ward off unfavourable consequences: 

To seek blessings from Rahu-Ketu, feeding cats, dogs, rats, crows and ants are regarded beneficial for the native.

And to substantiate the position of the Sun, feed a horse and birds every day.

If you want to strengthen your Mercury then feed birds such as Parrots and Pigeons. It will surely bring lots of luck and happiness.

Whereas feeding soaked gram & jaggery to cows on Thursdays brings good results from Jupiter.

Feed dough balls to sea or water animals like fish, and turtles. It will help to boost your Moon. For the best outcome, it would be better to feed them regularly.

To reduce the unfavourable effects of Mars provide food and shelter to goats, lamb, sheep and monkeys

To make your Saturn auspicious feed or take care of black dogs, buffalo, and crow. You will be surprised to see the result.

For the Venus auspicious effects in your birth chart, feed green fodder to sheep and goats. Also, give grains and water to pigeons.

Some of the innumerable benefits of keeping pets as mentioned in Vedic text

Any financial problems due to debts or paucity of income can be resolved by feeding fish. You can even keep an aquarium at home and feed them daily. 

Similarly, dogs safeguard against any untoward events such as accidents or series of unfavourable occurrences largely caused due to ill effects of Rahu, Ketu and Saturn. 

The severe adverse effects of Rahu in the birth chart can be curtailed by feeding sugar flour balls to ants. It fulfils your desires, but one should not destroy their home.

Feeding grains to birds helps in removing obstacles faced in career and education. It also helps to overcome issues associated with children. 

To conclude

These days you might have observed that people consciously feed birds, fish, cows, and dogs. And while the animal lovers take them home. But human and animal association is not new its as old as our ancient scriptures. In Mahabharata, Yudhishtra refused to enter heaven without his Dog as he did not want to abandon the dog. Almost all Hindu Gods have some pet animal which they use as their vehicle and has a symbolic value attached to it. 

Aditya/Sun — seven horses, Brahma—seven swans, Durga—the lion, Ganesha—the mouse, Indra—the elephant, Kartikya—the peacock, Lakshmi—the owl, Saraswati—the swan or the peacock, Shani—the crow, Shiva—Nandi, the bull, Vishnu—Garuda, the eagle & Adi Shesha, the serpent, Yama—the male buffalo.

These animals are either the representation of their power or it is indirectly teaching humans the value system they should inculcate in their life. For example, Ganesha’s ‘Mouse’ reminds us that we should keep our egoistic nature under control. Ma Lakshmi's ‘Owl’ teaches us the importance of patience, knowledge and wisdom in life. 

We get a very important lesson from the preserver of the universe Lord Vishnu’s vehicle ‘Garuda’ and his bed of serpent ‘Sheshanaaga’. They are enemies as Snake is known to be an impulsive creature and is short-sighted in nature. On the other hand, Garuda is a far-sighted and intelligent animal. But it teaches us to balance between two extremes in life.

Thus, God's two living creatures' human and animal association is beneficial to each other. It not only contributes to emotional, physical, and psychological well-being but also helps us to conquer any harmful effects of negative planets in the birth chart or Kundli.  

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