Modi - The Modern day Kautilya

25 May, 2019
Modi - The Modern day Kautilya Modi - The Modern day Kautilya

Modi as Kautilya 17th September 1950 Making of a world leader-Narendra Damodardas Modi: This datemarked the beginning of a world leader named Narendrabhai Damodardas Modi. He later went on to become head of the worlds largest Democracy. He is the 16th Prime-Minister of India. After defeating the Congress candidate and the PM- Manmohan Singh, and ending his 10-year tenure he won. He got the majority and established his rule singly. He became the one man army and led the campaign from for front.

A history in Making Vishnu Gupt

Vishnu Gupt is a philosopher, teacher, economist, jurist, and the author of the ancient political treatise Arthshastra. He was born in the Ancient town of Patliputra (Present day Patna). Then credited to uproot the Nanda Dynasty from its roots. And it enabled in creating a more just and viable reign of Chandragupta and the Mauryan Dynasty. The successors of the dynasty were Bindusara and later on, this reign gave India its the greatest ruler, Ashoka. It is said that Chanakya was born in 4th Century BCE. And this was the time of change and revolution in Magadha (Modern day Bihar).

Contrast between Modi &Chanakya :

Since his victory and becoming of Prime-Minister, Modi is often compared with Kautilya or Chanakya. Since both had strong and viable foreign policy. Chanakya: The first Indian Political thinker and creator of the first dynastic regime.He is considered for his flair to advocate on the right of every citizen to create an autonomous regime. It was rather than autonomous leadership.He advocated independence in autonomy.And was the advisor to the King of Magadha Chandragupta Maurya. He is the creator of the Mauryan Dynasty. Modi: He is the modern leader who ended the regime of a single largest party in India. The PM is credited for creating a dynamic and new self-governing, leadership and regime. He does not give the people a chance. He rather becomes a dictator, than creating a free rule.Also the Prime Minister of Modern India. And he is becoming the leader of the nation by defeating and ending the rule of the single largest party Congress.


Chanakya: A devout, Patriotic Man who wanted to put his nation first and selfish needs later. He was independence in Decision- making was in his policy, along with decentralization of power.It is believed that possessing too much wealth is not good. And also hoarding of wealth is a crime. His principle of Saam, Daam, Dand, and Bhed or, to make someone do a task. This is called Chanakya Niti. Saam: The foremost thing that must be accomplished is to tell the person about the task to be performed. First is talking and delegating the task. Daam: Then comes Daam or bribe, bribe in terms of cash or money or kind or things. Dand: When even Daam fails, then comes Dand or punishment applied at an appropriate level. Bhed: The last is Bhed, which means revealing of secrete in order to make that person ashamed of his / her doings. Modi: He is also a patriotic man, and is planning to make his country a super and world power.And is also a firm believer in the decentralization of power, however the decision making he has kept to himself. Believing the same principle, carried out the demonetization drive. This Chanakya Niti is exactly being followed by, Modi. Also, one more attribute of taking everyone together and moving forward is being done by him. At the same time, he maintained a cordial relation with everyone in his neighbor; such is the case of Modi.

Numerological Connection:

The exact time and date of Birth for Chanakya is unknown. And he was not the Prime Minister, he was a kingmaker. Narendra Modi - Prime Minister of India was born on the 17th September 1950. So his number is - 5 So the number 5 people are intelligent and money minded. This is seen in the case of Modi, and his foreign policy, meeting and greeting even the most distant of neighbors. In the case of Chanakya, his intelligence was seen in his work. Arthshastra and many such treatises on polity were written by him. And he is a teacher was involved in the creation of society. Since there is NUMBER one also, this leads to ego and is also a number for rulers. And he is the Ruler. He is in the helm of affairs and is responsible for good and bad happening in the country, this has made him egoistic. Since Chanakya was also egoistic as it was his ego that leads to creating a new empire. And he became the reason for the downfall of the existing regime.

Since Mercury is also the leader for number 5, it is the creator of Intelligence. By Sun assign Modi is Virgo. Virgo sun sign isruled by Mercury, the messenger god of information and winged feet. Mercury gives them unparalleled communication skills and mental acuity. There are similarities between Modi and Chanakya, hence it can be said that he is similar to each other. And Chanakya's modern interpretation is Narendra Modi.

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