Students its Time to realize your Dream to become a Doctor

04 April, 2022
Students its Time to realize your Dream to become a Doctor Students its Time to realize your Dream to become a Doctor
  The nationwide need for doctors in India soared during Covid and rightly so as there is a saying Doctors are second to God on this Earth. The scarcity of Hospitals, Doctors and Medical facilities had hit hard on the face during this time. And recently when the Indian students, largely studying medicine in Ukraine, were brought back to India, it further validated the lack of medical education in India. Every year many medicine aspirants are forced to take up foreign medical colleges.   Ever thought about what pushes them outside India? Especially when there is a huge demand for Doctors and less supply. Although Engineering and Medical both are the most desired higher education streams in India. Still, we have just 1 doctor for 1511 people. On the other hand, a vast number of engineers pass out each year. The reason being over decades there has been an enormous growth of Engineering colleges. While Medical seats are way too low, in comparison to the required number of colleges, for those who have cleared the entrance exam.   The following information will surprise you all the more
  • An average of 7.8 lakhs of students cleared the Entrance test (NEET) from 2018 to 2021.
  • But only 80,000 medical college seats, inclusive of government and Private institutions were available.
The balance of 7 lakhs students who had cleared the exam didn't get to go to any medical colleges in India. Hence, to accomplish their medical dream these students are forced to seek a medical degree from abroad. Isn't this a huge brain drain?  

Understand the Root Cause

It is a Vicious circle that starts with a fewer number of Doctors per patient, and thereby low medical spending. Which in effect slows down the expansion of Hospitals and Medical Colleges. The fee structure variations and uneven distribution of Medical Institutes across the country further add to the woe. As the State reserves almost 80 per cent of its college seats for regional students. Hence other hugely populated states are left with the resentment of acute shortage of medical colleges. In fact, the students also have to face the reservation brunt in Government colleges.  

Steps to retain our Medical aspirants

  • Expand Medical colleges
  • Keep it in diversified regions so that it's not skewed to a specific State.
  • Increase the number of students in the class from the existing 250 students per class capacity.
  • Spend more Gross Domestic Product (GDP) on Health and Medical Education Institutes.
  • Increase the existing number of faculty members in the colleges

These remedies do have their own set of Shortcomings

In order to build a medical college, a huge investment is required in comparison to engineering institutes The number of qualified faculty who can teach medical students is less. Currently, there are many vacant faculty positions in medical colleges. Until the faculty is not in place any expansion in terms of the number of students or the number of colleges won't be effective. But the good news is that the Government does acknowledge these issues. And they are already working to build 157 Medical Colleges, out of which 70 colleges are already operational. Surely in the coming years, we will get to see more developments in this field. Medical aspirants As of now, it is wise to follow this quote by Arthur Golden A mind troubled by doubt cannot focus on the course to victory Hence, those who have already decided to become a doctor must focus on their intent to become one and not on the problems. As I read somewhere If opportunity doesn't knock, build DOOR A plethora of options are available if you are determined to make it big in life then The Sky is the limit.   Right now its time to gear up as the NEET-UG- 2022 Application form will release in April and the exam date is to be scheduled for July. However, for any latest updates from NTA (National Test Agency) keep checking  

Askganesha advises Students preparing for any entrance exam

  • Stay Positive, Do not Panic, Don't take extreme pressure and Stay Motivated
  • Follow Systematic Time Management and adhere to the set study timetable
  • Practice is as much important for preparation as understanding the concept.
  • To retain in mind what you have studied one should take short breaks and stroll around
  • Avoid Oily and Spicy food
  • Increase your intake of greens, Juices and Fibre
  • Do simple eye and neck exercise regularly.
For any tips to get rid of Exam stress read our Astrological tips according to the Zodiac sign Dont miss to go through our quick Vastu Tips for students   There is nothing that can compensate for perseverance and knowledge but sometimes our Planetary positions may behave sluggishly with respect to the momentum required for higher-level education.   We recommend certain Puja for success in competitive exams and to enhance intellectual abilities. For details have a look at Askganesha puja-homam for education      

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