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03 March, 2018
North-east election

A win win situation:

North-east election: A win win situation is apt for the present North-East Election, which are taking place in north-eastern Part of India. We can witness the wrestling match going on, no not among the professional wrestlers, but amongst the two of the heaviest champions of this country; one is almost a hundred year old party- Congress, the other a fairly new party- BJP. These two heavy weights champion, battle it out for 3 States in North east. Who will win the elections will be declared in a while, but there are definitely no looser here.


Where are the elections taking place?

The North-East of India or colloquially referred to as the 7 sisters, is going through a tough fight, or the elections. There are total three states (Tripura, Meghalaya, & Nagaland) Total of 60 seats that are under test, for which candidates from regional as well as the central parties. These seats may determine the win of one party, at election, but will also determine the power of the two parties, who can hold their stand at the centre. It is a time to see the strength and weakness and to assess the power of candidates. Whether they can, fulfil the desires of the trust of people in them.


Why are these elections said to be epic Elections?

According to the present scenario the following elections are said to be epic elections because:

  1. It is said that if BJP wins Tripura in particular and /or northeast in general. Even if it comes close to winning them, then they would completely dismantle the Left rule and left nationality.
  2. If The BJP wins, it will ruin the 40 year supremacy, of the Left; if The Left regime topples then it will also crumble the 25 year winning consistency off the party.
  3. After becoming the President of the Party, it is a test for Rahul Gandhi and his leadership skills. The fact of the matter is that The Congress Party has held the seat in Meghalaya for 15 long years, If BJP wins it will be toppled, and will be the end of the Regime in this state.
  4. If there is a complete collapse of the Congress Party, this would be for them like falling from a cliff, since there all time high in 2013 in Meghalaya.
  5. Like Acids and Alkaline, this will be a litmus test for the electoral Strategy of Amit Shah. The situation here in Nagaland would rather be an interesting one as here the BJP would be in government as well as in Opposition
The Results of North-east election:

Declaration of the north-east election results will de done shortly, but what ever it is, every one will win. There is also a chance of forming a collation alliance. As no single party will able to get maximum votes. Lets see whether a history will be created or will it be nothing. Any which way, it is the testing time for people as who ever wins, its the victory of the people per say.


The inclination/ trends of north-east election:

As the results are declared and the trends are seen, its a lead for BJP in Tripura and Nagaland. At the same time in Meghalaya, congress is maintaining its power over the state. Hence by the recent trends one can say that BJP is out to dismantle the Left completely and is not willing to let o so easily

Astrologically Speaking:

This north-east election looks optimistic for BJP. After a thumping defeat, in Rajasthan, there is a sigh of relief for BJP, as it is winning with its NDPP alliance. As it is seen in the charts below, like mentioned BJP is looking more victorious than Congress.


The chart below shows: the chances for BJP to win are there as 11th lord Moon is placed in Lagan (ascendant) and first house lord is also in 7th house with 2ns and 9th lord. Third lord Mars in its own sign is strengthening its position in the state.



For congress its a defeat time as: Lagan Lord Sun is having strength but weakly placed in the enemy sign (sign of Saturn). More struggles is seen for this party. 11th lord Mercury is also placed in eighth house. They can expect a sudden change with support of other party decision.


The Alliance chart shows:

Lagan Lord Saturn is well placed in 11th house (House of Gains). And this party is having more capability or planetary strength to compete with big party. Rahu is 6th house also giving power to win over competition. But Sun is in enemy sign in ascendant; this party might not have power to rule independently.  

alliance party


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