Connection of past life to the present life - Know About Your Past Life With Astrology

09 September, 2023

Connection of past life to the present life - Know About Your Past Life With Astrology 

Astrology is a long-standing religion that holds that celestial movements influence human behavior and fate. Spiritual seekers also examine the idea of past lifetimes and their link to the present life, which is known as reincarnation.

Astrology primarily deals with the influence of celestial bodies on our current lives. People think that the soul goes through a cycle of reincarnation and that their current life is related to their former life based on their past karma.

People are curious about their past life, which sounds fascinating. There are various reasons why people believe in past life astrology, which can include cultural, religious, and personal beliefs, and some assert that they have had personal encounters or memories that they interpret as proof of previous life.

You came to the right place if you accept the idea of reincarnation. Your journey via this site will be instructive as you learn how your part-life and current life are interconnected. It will take you to a world of insightful glimpses where you can understand the accurate connection of your past to the present.

Connecting Dots: Relational Instances of Past to the Present

1. The Reincarnation Belief

Reincarnation is the foundation of the belief that present life is connected to the past life.

Reincarnation is believed in many religions and connects past lives to our present. The born soul is thought to pass through many rebirths and experiences various lifetimes to learn and evolve spiritually.

The Indian holy scripture Bhagavad Gita likewise makes reference to the cycle of rebirth. People's conceptions of life and death greatly influence their family and societal expectations.

2. Cultural Heritage

All of our festivals have been held for many years. Our ancestors taught us the gestures we have used for many years. Each gesture has a fact or purpose behind it. Similarly, we have been interested in astrology and reincarnation. Whether you believe it or not, there is a reason why astrology has been a popular belief system for so long.

How we have performed our religious rites and celebrations for millennia.

Similar to that, Astrology has been accepted for many years. Astrology, with the inculcation of technology, is doing absolute wonders, from giving vastu tips for paving paths to healthy celebrations. Several religions believe in reincarnation, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism.

3. Karma

The concept of karma is widely held. It asserts that you attract to you what you give out; so, if you give out good, good will come back to you; conversely, if you give out bad, bad will come back to you. Many individuals both believe it and have experienced it.

Our past and current actions will influence our decisions now and in the future. Similarly, our prior incarnations are believed to affect our present lives. People are said to experience the consequences of their past behavior in their subsequent births. 

Even your karma can impact the relationships you had in the past and present, too. This has become more of a widespread discussion from people seeking their present state of love with their better halves and how it relates to past life connection with spouse astrology

This shows that if you are living a good life now, you must have done good things in your previous life, and your actions in this birth will affect your next life. This is how Keeping an eye on your deeds in this birth, the concept of reincarnation, tells you about the previous life.

4. Self-Understanding and Healing

Enhancing self-awareness and fostering emotional healing are two practical applications of insights discovered via astrological past-life exploration. People who explore their former lives learn why some difficulties or behaviors continue in their present lives and strategies for coping with them. This understanding could be beneficial for healing and personal development.

Tech Meeting Astrology - An Accurate Insights 

Technology has left no domain unserved and continues to bring us many ways to explore the universe from different lenses. One such perspective is an insight into our past, what we were into, and how our life has been. Most importantly, it draws a clear picture for those curious to know how their present is connected to the past. 

Some people always believe that the bad happening to them is owing to past life deeds. A clearer picture can come out when you seek some renowned sources like a past life report to get insights into what really is coming around from the chapters of your past life.

Getting into your past life is more intriguing in terms of knowing how you have been and how connecting dots for your present is something that can lead you to the path of self-awareness and enlightenment. 

Your previous birth and its connected elements can bring you a clearer image of where you have been going wrong and how you can be corrective in your approach. 

Career and Talents

Astrology can be helpful in getting success in the career. Many times, it happens that we are not performing well in our lives, and we do not know the right direction. With Astrology and career choices informative sources, you are able to discover abilities, skills, or hobbies that you had in the past but were unaware of or hidden in this one. Knowing these can help you discover actual purpose and direct personal interests, and you get the direction where you can perform better and achieve success in your career.


The concept of reincarnation might be a useful tool in astrology for one's own growth and self-discovery. An individual is encouraged to reflect on their past, accept their present, and create a more conscious and satisfying future by engaging in past life inquiry as a voyage of self-discovery. 

Not all scientists agree that people can believe in past lives. It is a question of personal belief, and no matter what belief system you adhere to, you should always seek the advice of a trained expert.


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