Know your Past Life Karmas with Astrology and implement for better life

09 April, 2022



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na hi kahchit khaam api jtu tihhatyakarma-kit

kryate hyavaha karma sarva prakiti-jair guai

Certainly not, anyone ever even a moment can remain akarma or without action. Because everybody does some deed under the influence of his Gunas or inborn qualities.   What is Karma? Karma has been understood in various ways since Vedic times: The most basic as per our Vedas is a person's action or deeds in present or previous birth. These actions are believed to decide their destiny or fate in all the birth. Some people say that it is not just your physical action but also your intentions, thought process and emotions. And as we take birth our past life karmas also get ingrained into our present life. Hence to put it simply, it is our Karmas that get etched or recorded in the cells or memories. And this carries forward to the next birth and eventually impacts all our experiences in the existing birth.


Let us probe deeper to understand this cosmic tool of balancing deeds

As we grow older and start experiencing life, at some point we all feel the urge to know our past life. And it always raises questions in our minds like Does Past life really affect our ongoing experiences in life? Yes, it does our Natal Chart is a reflection of past life, this was established long back in various cultures like Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. Vedic Astrology's foundation is on the concept of Karma and Moksha. It believes that the accumulated actions or Karmas of the past will decide on the quality of existing life.

This is a deep Karmic cycle that only an expert Astrologer can decipher or decode. The gist of Past life Karma is that:

  • The Planets position at the time of birth results in our karmas or nature of actions we perform in life. And as we leave one birth we carry a certain prerecorded set of karmas to the next birth.
  • This could also be an incomplete task from previous birth.
  • However, the soul in transit can take the next birth only when according to his karmic deeds planetary alignment takes place.
  • And thus the soul again carries the same Karma to the next birth.

Now this Karmic account can be positive as well as negative. Thus if a person is caught in the bad karmic account he will continue to carry in all future birth. Until he realises the cause and effect of all his actions, thoughts and emotions. As correctly quoted by somebody about Karma Its a boomerang that returns back to the person who throws it.  

Astrology and Karma

However, Astrology has a solution, there is a term 'free will' using this one can surely take control of bad karmas or bad planetary positions transitted from previous birth. The power of free will is dependent on the influence of planet Jupiter on your Natal Chart. Hence if Jupiter is strong then it can strengthen your free will to change old Karmas and get rid of curses accumulated in previous birth. At the same time, it will open up situations for you to perform good deeds to gather blessings in your current birth. Therefore it is extremely important to use free will efficiently to change the bad deeds acquired from previous birth. Vedic Astrology guides us on how to use free will for our benefit. There is Nadi astrology which tells the various effects of past birth incidence on this lifetime. But like everything, this too has an opposing force that is fate or destiny. Normally, it's the transiting planet Saturn which enforces pre-decided fate or destiny in your natal chart. On the other hand, how smoothly we are able to manoeuvre our life in our desired direction relies a lot on the planet Jupiter. Now here only a highly qualified Astrologer will be able to tell to what extent and how these changes can be implemented. One basic example like suppose the Saturn position is higher in relation to Jupiter then the persons destiny can overpower his willingness to change. However I will say a wise intent, thought, emotions and actions will take you closer to better life experiences. It can even change destiny in your favour or even mitigate the bad Karma or Planetary position effects. But you need an expert to understand where the problem is lying and what karma correction should be undertaken.   The Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra is the most extensive Vedic astrology. It has clearly defined the types of curses inflicted from the past life. Some of them are like having no children, problems in nurturing relationships, career related issues, and financial issues.  

There are three types of Karma

  1. Sanchita Karma - These are the accumulated deeds from your previous birth. Something which is over and stored in your Karmic account to be utilised.
  2. Prarabdha Karma - Present birth karma resulting from past life deeds or Sanchita Karma. Basically, it manifests your current life experiences or actions. When it comes under the influence of your past life karma or planetary positions at the time of birth.
  3. Agami Karma - The Karma which we create in prevailing life will have repercussions on the future birth karma or destiny or actions. So ongoing actions propel all your future birth Karma or action.

Thus through good Karma, we proceed towards the path of Moksha or final liberation. While through bad karma we accumulate curses, which get carried forward to the next birth. And the cycle continues till the time we are able to erase it through our good deeds and achieve salvation or Moksha. Our Vedic Astrologer shows us the path to Salvation by pointing out the Karma correction chart based on the Past life Karma readings.  

In Bhagwad Gita chapter 6 verses 45 cites a perfect example of Karma being carried to the next birth

: | || 45|| prayatnd yatamnas tu yog sanhuddha-kilbiha aneka-janma-sansiddhas tato yti par gatim   "With the cumulative efforts of many many past births, when yogis engage in sincere efforts to make further progress in their journey, they become purified from material desires and attain the highest perfection in this life itself." Here Shri Krishna is talking about a Spiritual yogi who could not complete his spiritual proficiency at previous birth. However in his next birth, even if he is born into a wealthy family still chooses to follow spirituality, instead of following worldly pleasures. It is because of his previous births incomplete spiritual journey. At this birth, he strives to achieve his incomplete spiritual journey through his perseverance and sincerity to attain perfection. And as all his past life hard work got added to existing life learnings. Hence Past life Karma has immense power to change your present Karmic cycle.   As I have said earlier this needs an accomplished Astrologer. Askganesha has expert Astrologers with 25 years of experience, who will calculate through Vedic charts, what has passed from your previous birth to your present birth (Sanchit Karmas). Accordingly suggest remedies in order to heal your present Karmas.   To understand the cause and effects of present birth repeated miseries or Karmas do visit Askganesha at Previous birth report

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