How to know Someone wants to be your Friend or not

07 June, 2024
How to know Someone wants to be your Friend or not How to know Someone wants to be your Friend or not

Have you failed to develop a connection with one of your friends? Imposing yourself or begging for friendship is humiliating. If you are confused about the behaviour of your friend and want clarity, read the content below helping how to know Someone is interested in Friendship with you or not.

How to know someone is interested in friendship or not

Not a deep and open heart Communication

Not a deep and open heart Communication- The first sign is that you don’t have open-heart communication with your friend like chatting for hours and hours. Does he/she always exchange a few words against many sentences spoken by you? A friend ignores your messages and takes an inadequately long time to respond which too in limited words. It is a clear symptom of disinterest in having a friendship with you. If your friend himself/herself abstains from approaching you, or you are last to ask for anything, kindly have clarity of his/her lack of interest in you.

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They never make the first move– Another big red flag is the absence of initiative. The one who never comes to you neither to ask nor give favour has the least interest in you. Efforts are made both ways to build a friendship, but when the other one doesn’t come to you is a sign that they don’t want to have a bond of friendship with you. It is a huge symptom of a lack of interest in you of your friend when you are never part of their plans or you have to make an effort to get close to him/her.

Few more Signs that Someone Does Not Want to Be Your Friend

Cold vibes and lack of warmth

Not interested in your life- Is someone you want to be friends with maintaining distance with you? Is he/she least bothered about blows you have had in your life? When your friend is unaffected by your happiness and grief, you have wrong expectations of becoming pal with the person. A person is assumed to be not intent on having a friendship with you when inquisitiveness about special affairs or moments of your life is absent.

Excuses and avoidance persist- Is that so-called friend a storehouse of excuses when it comes to your plans? A person who doesn’t want to gel up with you would always avoid you anyhow. Erratic and irrational reasons to escape from plans formulated by you are strong indications of you being out of their list of friends.

The formality exists even after knowing for long- Formalities still dominate your communication. With interest in each other formalities automatically get aside and casualness comes into the friendship. If you need to take permission to use anything or if the communication involves words like excuse me, sorry, can I, please, etc. The other person doesn’t want to share the comfort zone of having a friendship with you.

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Cold vibes and lack of warmth- Eyes is the mirror of sentiments inside a person. There would be no scope of friendship when you see nothing, neither love, neither respect nor adoration in the eyes of the individual you want to be friends with. Cold vibes are usually given to a person you don’t want any kind of emotional connection with. When you see an emotional and expressionless face, don’t go for friendship as that person doesn’t want to be your friend.

Understanding Friendship Signals

The above signs are clear-cut indications of a formal friendship that won’t enter into the territory of real relations. Value those who have an interest in you and strengthen your bond as friendship is a gifted relation that doesn’t come up with blood. You may also ask question at Ask Ganesha Prashnavali and get instant answer about your friendship status.

Count your number of friends, if just one person is avoiding you then there is nothing wrong. If you do not have a friend at all or you have to struggle to make friends, reach out to an astrologer to get your Kundali evaluated. There could be some Doshas that could restrict you from getting social and having friends. Talk to an astrologer at Ask Ganesha and get the best remedy.

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