How Name of a Baby is Decided Astrologically?

01 May, 2024
How Name of a Baby is Decided Astrologically How Name of a Baby is Decided Astrologically

Blessed are people who have kids. The journey of being a parent isn’t easy since many junctures of life for a parent are highly demanding. The jaunt of a parent starts with the birth of a child and the first decision of naming the child sometimes becomes highly difficult for parents. We know every parent is in search of a unique name for their baby and in the process, they name the child that harms his/her persona instead of proving to be a boon for the baby. This is why naming a child in sync with Vedic astrology is considered right and beneficial because a name decided as per astrological principles proves to be luckier for the child. In this blog, we are going to take a sneak peek into how the name of a baby is decided astrologically.

The name of a child affects his/her personality and inner traits. A name should enhance the fortune of the baby and shower positivity in the life of the infant along with prosperity. A child shouldn’t be lucky for himself/herself only, but should bring good luck in the life of parents also with the right name. Energy and vibrations in a baby are affected by the name, therefore a random selection of a name or a meaningless name may have drastic results on a child’s behaviour and future.

Names As Per Astrology

Names as per astrology

The Chief five factors that govern while naming a child or deciding the first letter of a name as per astrology are–

• Janam Nakshatra– This includes the position of the planet, Date of birth and moon sign which is also regarded as Lunar Asterism.

Moon sign (Rashi Nama)

• Devta Nama (Deity of the family)

• Masa Nama (Month of the Birth)

• Samsarika nama

A name should transmit positive energy and bliss and with the use of Vedic astrology, the name is decided based on planetary positions of their birth chart. As we know, the sound of every letter is different which activates different planets as well as their positions. Therefore, the name of the child is decided based on the birth date of the baby and Moon sign is considered correct.

In astrology, the time the baby comes out into the world is recorded. It is the position of the Moon sign or Rashi. The significance of the moon is that it denotes the emotions, intellect, desires, intuitive condition, and nature of a baby. Lagna denotes the exterior traits of a baby. One can know the habitual configurations of a baby as per the moon phases. The Sun, on the contrary, reveals the energy, inner traits, and spirits of a baby.

The birth Star, Moon sign, Jupiter’s position, Month name, and lucky numbers are taken into account for naming a baby. The first alphabet’s sound also has an impact on the birth star which if chosen right gives power to the newborn. Every birth star has its own set of letters from the alphabet which strengthens the baby more with positive and constructive traits.

Astrology doesn’t disclose the full name of a baby, rather starting alphabet or sound of the word for the name is decided. The letters would be the same for babies having the same Rashi. The Moon Rashi is segregated into 27 Nakshatras and 4 Padas. Each baby has initial words as per Moon Rashi they belong to. Below are some common alphabets for various moons as per astrology. Deciding on a name based on information on the internet isn’t advisable as it is a matter of life of the baby. Consult the best astrologer to have an Ideal name for your baby.

Baby alphabets based on Astrology for all Moon Signs

Baby alphabets based on Astrology for all Moon Signs


As per their date of birth, names with initial letters L, CH, and A are considered to be best for Aries babies.


According to astrology, names with starting letters U, E, WE, WA, and I are considered to be pious for Taurus natives.


Ka, Ke, Ko, GH, H, and A in the beginning are expected to be lay good impacts on the Gemini native's baby.


Cancer born are normally suggested names like HI, HO, HU, DO, DE, and DA. These are expected to fetch good fortune for them as per astrology.


Names starting with TA, TO, TE, MO, I, and Ma as per astrology will shower good luck on baby natives of Leo.


For Virgo as per astrology, names with initial letters such as PA, PE, SH, TH, TA, PO, and SH are deemed to be auspicious for Virgo born babies.


Names starting with RE, RO, RA, TE, TO, and TA are believed to augment the personality and fortune of babies that are Libra natives.


Scorpion-born babies should have TO, YA, YE, YU, and NE. NA, and NO at the beginning of their name to have a perfect and blessed life.


Sagittarius-born babies are suggested names beginning with the sound of or initial letter with BH, DH, PH, TA, YE, and YO as per astrology principles.


Names beginning with BH, GA, GE, JA, JE, and KH are the most appropriate and lucky of Capricorn babies.


Aquarian baby's name usually starts with GE, DA, Go, SE, and SE as they are expected to bring good fortune to them.


If your baby is Pisces, you may choose names beginning with JH, DE, TH, CH, and YA as they are expected to be auspicious for them.

Final Words

The importance of the name is well–evident from the content above. Name in consent with astrological suggestions ensures good luck, health and wealth for the baby right from the beginning. If you want your baby to rise and shine, decide the name under the guidance of an experienced astrologer with in-depth practice in it. Contact Askgnesha Astrologers to shape their future with glory and happiness.

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