Happy Parshuram Jayanti

06 May, 2019
Lord Parshuram was born on Vaishakh Shukla Tritiya. And hence this day is known as Happy Parshuram Jayanti. He was the 6th manifestation of Lord Vishnu. He was born to King Prasenjit's little girl Renuka and Sage Jamdagni hailing from Bhrigu tradition. Parshuram was the fifth child of Jamdagni and Renuka. He had four senior siblings named Rumanvant, Sushen, Vishwa and Vishwavasu.

The significance of Happy Parshuram Jayanti

This day holds religious importance for Hindus and devotees keeps fast from the prior night to the day of Parshuram Jayanti. They visit temples and offer love to Lord Vishnu and seek his blessings for improving their life. Giving food to Brahmans Is consider propitious on this day. This day is otherwise called Akshaya Tritiya and is viewed as great to begin or do anything promising. Parashurama is defined as mool purush, or originator, of the Niyogi Bhumihar Brahmin, Chitpavan, Daivadnya, Mohyal, Tyagi, Anavil and Nambudiri Brahmin people community. importance of Happy parshuram jayanti

Who was Parashuram?

Going back to the Dvapara Yug, he was a Brahmin warrior who was an incredible supporter of Lord Shiva. Parashuram had the incredible hatchet Parashu as he was the guide of Mahabharata characters Dronacharya, Bhishma, and Karna. As per a legend, Lord Vishnu in his Parshuram Avatar finished the wrong play of the Kshatriya race and crushed devil ruler Kiratarjuna. He established harmony and Dharma on earth. The day of Parashuram Jayanti holds an uncommon religious advantage. Devotees fast for the duration of the day and offer love to Lord Vishnu to look for his gifts. It is likewise trusted that Tretayug started upon the arrival of Vaishakh Shukla Paksha Tritiya. As indicated by Bhagwat, Parshuram was destined to destroy the rulers of Haideya tradition. He needed to live to help humanity and also helped the poor and needy people. mythical story of parshuram

Mythical Story of Parshuram Jayanti

As per the legend, Mahishmati Nagri, a district in India was managed by the evil spirit lord Kiratarjuna and his kingdom of the Kshatriyas. Goddess Earth was so worried about the hateful deeds of the ruler, that she approached Lord Vishnu for help. Ruler Vishnu said he would be born to Renuka and Sage Jamadagni and ruin the kingdom. Vishnu resurrected as the extraordinary warrior Parshurama (truly Rama with an Axe) and crushed the lord and the Kshatriyas, re-establishing peace on earth.

Celebrations and Rituals of Happy Parshuram Jayanti

Devotees keep vrat from the prior night to the day of Parshuram Jayanti. They visit temples and offer their prayers to Lord Vishnu. Devotees around India remain awake around evening time and discuss Vishnu Sahasranama Stotra. Giving donations and charity to Brahmans is considered extremely auspicious on this day. Keeping fast and performing religious works have been the trademarks of this day for a considerable time. Any favorable work done on this day gives productive outcomes and is a promising day for all devotees. Bhagwan Parshuram
Realities about Parshuram
As per Hindu conviction, unlike other incarnations, Parshurama still lives on the Earth. Consequently, in contrast to Rama and Krishna, Parashurama isn't worshipped very widely. In South India, at the sacred spot Pajaka close Udupi, one noteworthy temple exists which honors Parshurama. There are numerous temples at the western shoreline of India which is set up to worship Lord Parshurama. Askgnesha on this auspicious occasion wishes you and your family a very Happy Parshuram Jayanti.  

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