Follow These Rules Related To Worship To Please God

24 May, 2023

Once you are asked to follow these rules related to worship to please God, you may feel a little embarrassed. The concept of pleasing God varies across various religious beliefs and traditions. There are some religions those emphasize on specific rules, rituals, and practices as means of pleasing the God. In these cases, followers are sure to believe that following such specific rules and practices may lead to a very closer relationship with God or to win spiritual blessings.

All About Spiritual Traditions

On the other hand there are some spiritual traditions those focus more on the specific idea that God so to say the divine power is inherently compassionate and absolutely accepting. In these traditions, it is seen that the emphasis may be more on cultivating a close personal relationship with the God through love, devotion, and inner transformation. There is no need of strict adherence to external rules and rituals.

Ultimately, the question whether there are really any rules to please God depends on one's own spiritual or religious belief. 

There are different religions on our beautiful planet. These religions have their specific sets of beliefs, practices, and guidelines that they consider important to connect with the divinity. It is very important to study and understand the teachings of the specific religious tradition to determine if there are really any prescribed rules to please God according to that specific belief system.

Certainly, we can’t but admit that in many religious traditions, there are some principles and practices that are believed to please God or the prevailing deities. Here we are going to highlight some examples for your understanding.

You can be engaged in regular worship and demonstration to show sincere devotion to God through prayers, some specific rituals.

Following some moral and ethical principles, treating people with kindness, sincere honesty, and utmost compassion and living a virtuous life to the core, you may set an example of pleasing God.

Having faith in the existence of God, His power, and benevolence you do the same thing. Again having trust in God's guidance and providence too you can please Him.

Gratitude and thanksgiving are of utmost importance. Expressing gratitude to God for His blessings and acknowledging His presence and role in the lives of people you can serve God by all means.

Having been engaged in acts of service, helping people in sheer need, and demonstrating compassion and love towards people around you, you can serve God and please Him too.

Humility and surrender too are two great assets to serve God and win His grace. Cultivating humility, recognizing your own limitations, and surrendering to His will is the other best way to serve God.

To be engaged in introspection, seeking all means of self-improvement and striving to overcome all kinds of negative traits and habits you may pave the way to near the God or to win His love and grace.

Again to delve into introspection and to seek spiritual knowledge all you have to do is to study sacred texts and strive for a deeper understanding of faith.

It's important to keep in mind that that all these practices and principles may vary across different religious beliefs. The specific rules and practices to please God may differ based on individual beliefs and cultural contexts. It is always recommended that you must try to refer to the teachings and guidance of your specific religious tradition to have a more comprehensive understanding of how to please God as per the particular belief system.

The concept of worship and the specific associated rules may vary depending on various religious faiths and traditions. Different religions have different set of practices and specific guidelines to please God. Here we are trying to focus on some general principles and practices that are generally considered important in many religious traditions in the world so to say.

Show respect and reverence towards God, the deities or beings you worship. This may involve various methods. You may have to bow, kneel or adopt some other postures to show humility.

Always be engaged in regular prayer or meditation to communicate with the Supreme Being and seek guidance from the very divine. This can be done to be an individual or to be a part of a group.

You cannot hone yourself unless you go through religious scriptures. You must read and study sacred texts or teachings to obtain knowledge and understanding of the deep principles and values of your own faith. Go on reflecting on these teachings and try to contemplate their meaning in your own life.

Rituals and ceremonies are absolutely necessary to show your obedience to the Lord. Take part in various rituals and ceremonies specific to your own religious tradition. These may include prayers, chants, hymns, or symbolic actions. All these are believed to connect you with the God.

Moral and ethical living is absolutely necessary to attain the blessings of God. You must strive to live a life guided by moral and ethical principles. Go on treating others with kindness, compassion, honesty, and absolute respect. Practice virtues that are given priority in your traditional faith.

Service and charity are again regarded as topmost services to serve God and to please Him. Always try to be engaged in acts of service and charity to help the needy and destitute, it will lead to joy. Many religions go on emphasizing the importance of caring for the less fortunate and showing compassion to others who are always down trodden.

Always try to take part in the religious community, such as attending gatherings, services, or events. Try to be engaged with others who share your beliefs. Collective worship and community support are often regarded as integral parts of pleasing God.

Personal transformation is absolutely necessary. To do this all you have to do is to seek personal growth and transformation through your own religious practices. Always go on striving to cultivate virtues, overcome all types of negative tendencies, and develop a deeper connection with the divinity.

The Guidelines to Please God are Vain

You must keep in mind that these guidelines are general and may not encompass every specific rule and practice of individual religious tradition. To comprehend the precise rules of worship to please God, it is advised to refer to the sacred scriptures, teachings, or guidance provided by your own specific religious community or spiritual leaders.

Sometimes, life can be very confusing and stressful. It can be difficult to understand what God really wants for us. The truth is, God knows what He wants for us is confined within our plans. He has made the blueprint for our lives. He is guiding us and sowing seeds in our hearts and it is He who waters the seeds He tries to plant within our hearts. God is there to see you, hear you, and is always ready to answer your prayers.

Then Ultimately what to do to Please God

Actually God is playing with us. We cannot tell why He is doing so. Actually to please Him all you have to do is to pray to Him with patience. Actually one who is able to make Him closer to his heart, he God will be closer to him to a great extent. H has engaged you in this mundane world and makes you do various works, as if; He is taking your acid test. Hence it is not ideal to be engrossed in despair. Try to walk along the path in search of Him. It will be seen that the distance is shortening in due course. It is seen that the termites are so tiny but in due course they can build big hills.

The best thing that we should all do is not to go for finding the God. It is better to put on all efforts to find Him. Actually if we want to go in search of God means that He is far from us. There is a distance between Him and us. But if we think He is within us, we can find Him if we try a little bit. He, who is within out limit, why should we go in search of Him? He is so near, yet we go on searching Him. Rather we can find Him within our souls. If we try to close our eyes for a little while, we must see Him. If we try to feel Him, His presence is felt all the way. It is better not to follow others or imitate others. What we should do is to follow the God. Always try to think my thoughts; my works are like the God. I am the Lord Shiva. Shivo Ohom. The thought bring with us the spirit to be near he Omnipresent. 

Finally What to Say?

God is pleased the moment we keep our focus on the mundane pleasures to mundane welfare. If we can do everything good to others make happy the God is sure to be pleased. It should be ideal to worship human beings in the very form of Lord Shiva. Then we can see with enough joy that the God is pleased. We need no rituals to please Him. Service to human beings can please God with the least efforts.


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