Buddhist Learnings That You Should Know

19 June, 2015

Buddhist learnings are said to be derived from Prince Siddhartha, who was later known as "Buddha', which means "the enlightened one'. These learnings are the basis of the religion of Buddhism. Let us look at a few of them. One of the first things one learns about Buddhism is that is that we need to look beyond the apparent. In order to take first steps towards enlightenment, we need to realise that what we see is an illusion and that we need to look deeper in order to find Truth. Then, there is the concept of "being', which is impermanent and made up of craving and suffering. Nirvana is a concept that arises with the erasure of the impermanent self. However, the concept of Nirvana is quite open ended. Buddhist teachings do not fix what exactly happens to a soul after death, as it has been impossible to discern it. But what it does say of Nirvana is that it is combining all objects and thoughts to create one indivisible consciousness. Buddhist learnings are very different from other religious learnings as they are more spiritual in nature and less focused on deification. This, therefore, becomes a religion of faith instead of idolatory.

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