Astrology Tips for cleaning and Decor for Diwali

20 October, 2023
Astrology Tips for cleaning and Decor for Diwali Astrology Tips for cleaning and Decor for Diwali

Diwali is an Indian festival celebrated every year on the Amavasya of Kartik month as per Hindu calendar. Celebrated all around the world with unmatched enthusiasm, Diwali holds significant mythological relevance indicating the return of Lord Rama with his brother Laxman and wife Sita after 14 years of exile. The epitome of happiness and prosperity, this festival of Diwali is also said to day of the birth of the goddess of wealth, Laxmi. Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi entered into the auspicious knot of wedding and that is why the goddess is worshipped along with Lord Ganesha.

Cleaning and home decor are a few common practices that usually start a month before to please Goddess Laxmi who is claimed to not dwell in begrimed places. Be it a house or office, everything is renovated, cleaned and embellished to procure the blessings of the two lords. Are you also looking to usher your good luck and procure abundance and success this Diwali? In this Blog we will find a few effective tips for cleaning and decor ensuring blessings of Goddess Laxmi, prosperity, good fortune, and sunny times ahead.

Here are a few effective tips for cleaning and decor ensuring blessings of Goddess Laxmi, prosperity, good fortune, and sunny times ahead- 

Cleaning on Diwali– know what not to keep inside 

All that emits negativity should be immediately moved out of the home as negative energy is the culprit of obstacles, dissatisfaction and shortcomings in life. Check out the things that should be first removed during the cleaning mission before Diwali to have positive energy in your abode–

* Take out all the junk from home. All rusted items like nails, hinges, faulty parts of machines etc should be with instant effect removed. Those with the trash at home or office are deprived of the blessings of the goddess of affluence.

* Clean dirt and spider webs from in and out of your home. Dust in temples, rooms, and electronic items must be wiped out.

* Make sure your fan, electric switches, exhausts and other electronic items are unsoiled.

* Make sure your wardrobe has no old and torn clothes. All that you have discarded from your wardrobe shouldn’t be stocked in your home. Likewise not in use, damaged and discarded stationery, papers, etc. shouldn’t occupy space in your office.

* Broken cutlery, saucers, cups, and other utensils in your kitchen shouldn’t continue to be in use. Don’t hoard them.

* Electronic items that aren’t working must be repaired. Anything not in use and not functioning should be either repaired or trashed out.

Home Decor for Diwali– 

After completely cleaning your house or office, make sure the decor of your house is as per the Vastu tips confirming prosperity along with items holding relevance in Diwali veneration and decoration of the house.

Paint new- What people do first is paint the home or office in appeasing hues. This not only cleans but also aids in decluttering of the building. Harmonise shades of paint in your home.

Toran Dwars– Torans have been an integral part of Indian culture since ancient times, but during Diwali, it has great relevance. Tied on the main entrance of the home, Toran is sure shot means to please the almighty of wealth and achievement. You can find metal, beads, clay, and soul-based toran in the market. You may use the flower and leaves-based toran also needs daily replacement.

Vibrant hues of Rangoli- Along with Toran, a vibrant rangoli in front of your home or office can surely fetch you the wealth and blessings of Goddess Laxmi and Ganesha. Originated in the Indian subcontinent, rangoli is a geometric design made on the floor and embellished with sandstone powders of various colours. 

New bedding, sofa cover, and curtains– Hide the old bed sheets, curtains, etc and let the new ones attract the astuteness, wealth, and happiness for you and your family.

Candles, star lanterns, diyas, and lamps- On the festival of light, make sure your home is well-lighted. Get amazing lights and lamps in the house that will not just adorn your house, but would also help in enlightening your fortune to greater heights.

Things to keep in the Temple to please Goddess Laxmi 

There are mixed opinions about things to keep during Laxmi Puja on Diwali to get the blessings of the almighty. Check out underneath a few things to keep during the puja of the Goddess of wealth–

Red silk Cloth- Red is the favourite color of the goddess. Place her idol or her framed photo above the red silk cloth.

Idol on stool- The idol must be kept on a stool which should be covered with red silk cloth. The stool is also called chauki.

Fruits & sweets- Five fruits and sweets must be offered to the deity.

Diyas- We are usually not specific about the number of diyas to be lit but, as per astrology, 5 big-sized earthen lamps (diyas) of pure ghee and 25 diyas of mustard oil must be lit in front of divinity.

Makhana Kheer- It is lesser known, but Laxmi mata is fond of Makhana Kheer and those offering it to goddess Laxmi can expect miracles.

Other items– Rice, vermillion, turmeric, coins, incense sticks and silver utensils must be used during puja.

Get the Blessings of Almighties by performing Sampoorna Diwali Puja

In nutshell–

To have unending blessings of the deity of abundance, cleaning, and decor of the house or your office is a must as it is said that the goddess doesn’t stay for long in dingy places. Every item specified above would bring luck, leisure and wealth to you profoundly which are assumed to be blessings of almighty.

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