Gauri Pujan: Pray for a Fulfilled and Prosperous life

17 March, 2019

Why Gauri Puja is performed?

Maa Gauri is the mother of Lord Ganesha and one of the many forms of Maa Parvati. As the legend goes, she came to earth in search of her son Ganesha who descended to earth to bestow his blessings on his devotees on the day of Vinayak Chaturthi. Gauri Pujan can also take place between the 10 days of Ganesha Chaturthi festival as it is considered an auspicious time. During Gauri Puja, the idols of Maa Gauri is kept at the place of worship and is said to bring wealth, health and prosperity. It is celebrated for over 3 days

  • On the first day is Gauri Avahana
  • 2nd day- Satyanarayan Puja
  • 3rd Day- Gauri Visarjan (the idol of Maa Gauri is immersed in water after Puja)

The significance of Gauri Pujan

Maa Gauri is also the other name for Goddess Durga and Parvati and they are also prayed on this day. The women devotees on this day stay awake at night and play traditional games, dance, play bhajans and songs and enjoy the festival with great vigor and fun.

Importance of praying to Maa Gauri

It's an important puja for all unmarried women as they pray to Maa Gauri for an ideal husband just like Parvati-Shiva and Ram-Sita. All married women who wish for children also pray to her for blessings. Some also chant Guari Mantra to get relief from the sufferings or any obstacles of life. Legends have it that Gauri Poojan was performed by Sita Maa for an ideal husband. Maa Sita was very devoted and as a result, she was blessed with Lord Rama who is an epitome of an ideal husband. Ma Gauri blesses all her devotees who pray to her and perform fast on this day.

Benefits of Gauri puja

  • It removes the obstacles from the married life
  • Performing this puja is considered good for unmarried women for getting the ideal life partner
  • Married women perform this puja for a long life of their husband
  • This puja showers peace and happiness in the life of married couples
  • This puja brings trust and respect between married couples
  • Couples can be blessed with children
How Puja is performed?

Maa Gauri idol is dressed up with colorful jewellery and clothes. She is draped in a colourful saree and is generally in a festive color like yellow, pink, red or green. Devotees dress up the idol of Goddess Gauri with colorful clothes and jewellery. The idol of Mata Gauri is draped with a colorful sari, which is generally of a festive colour like red, yellow, pink, or green. Dark colours like black, blue, brown or grey are avoided. The devotees decorate the Maa Gauri idol with lots of jewellery items such as green bangles, necklace, mangal sutra, nose ring and offer the Goddess all the items of shringaar like Mehendi, sindoor, kajal, a perfume which are considered very auspicious symbols. During Gauri Pujan, Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesh are also worshiped. This Pujan is not only an occasion to worship Maa Gauri but also seeking blessings of Ganesh and Lord Shiva which reaffirms the importance of a happy family in ones life. Devotees seek the blessings of the goddess for a happy and long married life. Askganesha wishes you an auspicious Gauri Puja and we can also help in performing this Puja  

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