Worship God for government job

Remedies For Getting Government Job

Worship Sun, Shiva and Vishnu

The sun is called the King of all planets. It displays respect, success, progress and high positions in the horoscope's horoscope. Therefore, those wishing for promotion in the job must worship the sun on Sundays. This will build their Rajyog.

Mode of worship of the sun:
  • Get up before sunrise and see the sun rising with your naked eyes.
  • Every morning, offer water to the sun with copper vessel with 12 face Rudraksh in it.
  • Chant the Surya Mantra.

Worship of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu

The more effective remedy for jobs in administration sector

Worship Lord Shiva

According to the scriptures, worshiping of Shiva, devotees also receive wealth and success; therefore those who wish to get promoted to their jobs should worship lord Shiva

  • Pour water on Shivaling everyday.
  • Offer Shivaling to Unity.
  • Anoint Shivlinga with raw milk and honey.
  • Offer Bel Patra on Shiv ji.

Worship Lord Vishnu

Worshiping Lord Vishnu fulfils the desire for devotees' minds; therefore those wishing to get promotions in the job should worship Lord Vishnu ji. It is advised that if you follow these methods you can get promotions at the job you desire for :

  • On Thursday, worship God Vishnu.
  • Water the banana tree on Thursday.
  • Donate yellow items to a temple on Thursdays.
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