Remedies for Family Discord

The Remedies For Planetary Discord

There is no happiness beyond family in the world. Family is like a bouquet of parents, brothers and sisters. The misunderstanding and confusion in these relationships breaks the peace of the whole family and its impacts the entire family. In such a situation, everyday problems arise in the house. If you are facing situations like this in the family, then through this article you will learn the solutions to the overcome them

The Planetary effects in Horoscope :

According to Vedic astrology, the second house of the Horoscope is the house of Family, the fourth house and the seventh house is the house of marital life. If the owners of these house are weak or in any of these are inauspicious then there is unrest and suffering in the family. To overcome this get your horoscope properly analyzed with an experienced astrologer and take measures related to the planets or conflict factors.

Vastu Approach to Home Remedies of Planetary Discord :

According to the principles of Vastu Shastra, the south-eastern direction is considered to be a fire angle. Since fire principle is ruled on this direction, in this way happiness of the family members arises from this direction. However, the kitchen in the house should be in this direction, because the kitchen has fire-related work such as cooking.That is why it is important that those people (women of the house) spend more time in this direction due to their domestic activities, they would be happy. If the women of the house are healthy and happy, the fire angle of the house will also be filled with happiness and positivity, which will keep love and peace in home. The disruption of the fire element creates an atmosphere of debates, quarrels, etc. in the family, which can break relationships too and you may become stressed and unhappy. Therefore, ensure that the south-eastern direction of your home is always free from faults, then its related element is i.e. Agni element will maintain love among all members of the family. These tips of Vastu Shastra are an important solution.

Other Solutions for Planetary discord in familial relations :

Home can be between a family and a family member. Then, if you want to be a husband and wife, you are brothers and sisters, mother-in-law, sister-in-law or sister-in-law. Peace between family and family can be disturbed by these difficulties in different relationships. How to get rid of these troubles will be seen in following sub themes.

What to do when the problem in between husband and wife?

What to do when there is distress with mother-in-law?

Remedies for the discords that are between the siblings

When the discord is between sisters- in - laws

Other Simple and Easy Solutions for Home Peace/Planetary Peace :
  • Mix a pinch of Salt and gram flour and make dough daily
  • During Navaratri, recite the book of Durga Saptashati on your own or get it recited from a learned Purohit
  • Feed sugar to ants
  • Do not keep the place of defecation in the north-east of the house and keep that place clean and keep away from any heavy object
  • Bring sweetness in the voice and do not talk loud or loudly

We hope that the measures for redressing the problems between family members will be beneficial for you and by adopting these measures; you will be able to get rid of home distress

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