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Remedies to get back trapped/stuck money

If your money is trapped somewhere, do not panic, read the ways to get trapped money and learn how you can get your money. Many times in our lives, such situations are created when in lending of money our money goes in the hands of a person who does not wish to return it. In such a situation, it becomes difficult to get the money and we get stressed and disturbed by it, and lose our peace of the day. There will be many kinds of questions that would come to your mind. How do you get back the trapped money? What are the ways to get trapped money? How to find the trapped money? What are the measures to get back the money? What is the solution to the stagnant money? And so on. Therefore, remedial measures are very important to us. With this, if a person has borrowed money from you and he is neglecting to repay the debt, then you can take the following measures to recover the lent money in this article. By doing these measures you will be able to easily get back your lent money. Very simple solutions are being mentioned in this article 

Astrological Measures to Get Money Back:

There is a detailed mention under the means of obtaining wealth trapped in astrology.If the lagna lord and Venus planet are strong in your horoscope, then there is the yog of the money returning back to you. On the contrary if you have weak Mars, Saturn and Rahu  in the horoscope, you will have a loss of money. In the horoscope, the tenth house of our karmas and the ninth bhav is of fate. On the other hand, the eleventh house is of profit and the second price is the money we have earned. In the horoscope the sixth, eighth and twelfth house if are afflicted then you face loss of money, debt and wealth, so before trying any astrological remedy, you must get these combinations and parameters checked through a learned astrologer. Here are the few best solutions.

  • Strengthen Venus and the Guru in the Horoscope.
  • Strengthen the second, the ninth, the eighth and eleven Bhav and improve the houses by investing in proper methods.
  • If Saturn, Rahu and Mangal are in bad condition in Kundali then do fasting or donations on the respective days.
  • Keep a money plant in your home.
  • Keep an Energized Mahalakshmi Yantra.
  • Keep an Energized business at your work place.
  • Wear a Ganesh Lakshmi Rudraksh (two satmukhi and one eight face Rudraksh).
  • Worship Kuber yantra.
  • Recite Suktapaath.

Mantra to retrieve your trapped Money:

Vedic chants contain power. So to get trapped money, the following mantra should be chanted

Vaastu approaches to get rid of money back:

According to Vaastu Shastra, there is the place of Lord Kuber in the north in the house. Therefore, money should be safe in this direction. Apart from this, keeping your statue of Kuber or Mother Lakshmi and Kuber Dev will also help get back your money.

Tips to get back stuck/trapped money : -

  • On Saturday, on the south side, light a lamp of mustard oil in front of the statue of Hanuman ji. Put some grains of mustard, 2 cloves and camphor in that lamp. Now, let us recite the Bajrang ban three times. Then pray for Hanuman ji to get money back. Now, take 2 spoons of oil out of the lamp and make mascara then on a soft cloth, write the name of the person whom you have given money. keep this cloth safe in your money place and pray for the money to come back.
  • Get 2 Raja Kaudi (It will be found at any Pooja shop) put it in front of the house of the person whom you have given money. With this trick, he will give your money back to you. This is an easy way to get back your money.
  • It is believed that yellow Clamshell, represents Lakshmi ji. Therefore, place five peeli Kaudi or yellow clamshell, in the place of worship. This will bring back the money
  • Burn camphor on Friday and make mascara. Now, on a bhojpatra, write the name of the person whom you have given money. Now fold itseven times and keep it in your locker. With this measure your money will start coming back.
  • Tie 11 cloves, 11 whole salt nuggets in blue cloth and meditating on that person, going to some intersection around 10 pm and quietly keep it. By doing so, the money given will be returned. This is a simple way of getting back your stuck money.

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