Tips and Remedies to recover your lost money

Tips For Recover Money

According to Vedic astrology, the second house, the eighth house and the eleventh house, all the three are related to price and money. Positive flow energy will be seen only after strengthening them. The master planet is also called as positive. By adopting astrological measures, you can get the beneficial fruits of a master planet, such as wealth.

The mantra for securing wealth

|| Om namo bhagavate vasudevaya namah ||

Other tips for attaining wealth :
  • Avoid clashes at home and in family: Laxmi does not enter that house which has clashes, or the family which is fighting, so if you want Lakshmi ji to enter your home so make sure that there is no fight in your house. Simultaneously, respect women of the house, because the woman is considered as the goddess. Lakshmi does not reside in the house where the woman is not respected.
  • Don't eat any one's left over: Please don't eat someone else's leftover, as there bad luck can be transmitted to you. In order to lead a normal and prosperous life, don't eat left over.
  • Plant Tulsi: Tulsi is the purest plant known to remove all bad luck and omens. Tulsi plant is very important in Hinduism. Place a holy basil plant in the house and burn the ghee lamp every evening in it, doing so will please the  blessings of Mother Lakshmi. By the way, keep the Tulsi plant in the north-east direction for the habit of immovable Lakshmi.
  • Pray to God daily : Worshiping daily, after rising early in the morning, after bathing, Lakshmi resides in the worshiping homes. Along with this, eating food should be done only after giving pleasure to God
  • Special room for pooja : Always keep separate rooms for the worship of God, and also take special care of its purity. Be completely pure before worshiping. Worship your devoted god / goddess every day.
  • Special attention to keeping clean : It is necessary to keep cleanliness in order to bring Lakshmi to the house. When you wake up in the morning, place the whole house and kitchen Brooming in the evening means to remove Lakshmi from home, so do not broach in the house after the evening. Do not leave jute utensils in the kitchen at night and sleep after cleaning the kitchen. Do not collect junk in the house
  • Charity : Surely, part of what you earn, find a part of charity and religious work. Do not earn money with deceit or deception. Do not keep track of your money and keep the goods of someone free or else you will have to pay the loan today. Always keep the place of keeping the money clean and put a red cloth there.
  • Do not waste excessive water : Just use the water you need. Do not let the water flutter in wastage because the flowing water shows the flow of wealth and prosperity from the house. Also do not keep pictures of running water in the house. Also, do not let the water used be stored anywhere in the house.
  • Respect Food : In addition to wealth, there is another form of Mother Lakshmi, food. Lakshmi ji is disgraced by leaving or throwing food plate, so do not do it. With this, the remaining food should never be thrown. Instead of throwing food, if you feed some needy, then he will feel his affection and the grace of Mata Lakshmi will remain on you.
  • Take the initiative : One of the ways to get money is to keep sitting not only on fate. Make yourself proficient in any work to increase the source of income. Helping self is also necessary, as the old proverb goes "God helps those who help themselves." Therefore, keeping in mind your ability, you should choose your career and work hard
  • We hope that these measures for getting money will prove useful to you and keep the grace of Goddess Lakshmi on you

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