Astrology Remedies to get True Love

Remedies To Get Your True Lover

Through the means of true love, you can find true companions in life, hence these remedies are going to be very special for love and relationship. All of us have some a strong desire of true love, although the question is how many of them get their true love? It is said that true love is not in everyone's luck, but if you have a desire to get it in your heart then these remedies will prove to be very helpful for you. This article explains the easy ways to help find true love. Apart from this, many people are looking for their lost love, in their mind, the question is, how to get the lost love? The following remedies would help in finding the true love,

Astrological Methods of securing your love :
  • Strengthen the planet Venus in the Horoscope.
  • Take steps to make the fifth house in the horoscope and make its leader stronger.
  • Make the peace of the planet in the seventh house and Saptamesh.
  • Do not donate anything that is black in colour, thing to each other.
  • Give red, pink, and yellow items in gift.
  • Try to meet your love on Friday and on full moon day.
  • Take measures for the peace of the  Kalsarp dosh in the horoscope.
  • Measures for the release of  Mangal dosha in birth horoscope.
Use of pujas and mantras to get your true love :
  • In order to get your true love, you should for  11-days worship lord KamDev and Rati Maha Anusthan. Start this pooja on auspicious Mahurat in Shukla Paksha. After worship, chant three beads of mantra - 'Om KamDev Rati Namah'. Also offer offerings to the temple on each Friday. By doing this you will surely find your true love.
  • Worship Mother Durga  and offer a red flag or chunar on their statue. This will enable to get the love of your life.
  • Offer a flute to Lord Shree Krishna's temple and do so until your lover accepts your love. Also, meditate in front of picture of Lord Krishna and Radha in love with each other. Chant Krishna mantra and after chanting the mantra offer and pour honey on Lord Krishna idol.
  • Lord Shiva mantras with rituals  should complete the Rudrabhishek.
  • Keep the fast of sixteen Mondays according to the entire rule. With this, the blessings of Lord Shiva are received and a boon of the kind love.
  • To maintain sweetness in your love life, you can impress Kamdeva (Cupid or God of love and desire), by the following puja. The  chanting of Lord Kamdev mantras brings intense mental and physical attraction.
  • Chanting the Venus mantra- "OM DRAM DRIM DROOM SAH SHUKRAEY NAMAH" also helps in getting your separated and the lost love of your life.
  • To make love relations more intense, wear the gemstone that suits you. Go for a proper Gem Consultancy Report by our astrologer.

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