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I was very upset the last summer because after 4 years of marriage I could not conceive a baby. Doctors were of no help. With the help of and their helpful remedies, I was able to conceive, thank you Askganesha

By Ragini khandelwal, housewife, Goa

They helped me to choose a time to adopt a baby and it proved out to be lucky as the kid we adopted is very pretty and healthy. We decided to adopt because we could not conceive

By Karan Malhotra, Architect, Gurgaon

I had a good experience. I asked if my child will be selected in his choice of school, they said yes and their remedies made my child's brain sharper and now he studies in his choice of school which is very good, he is very happy.

By Rekha gupta, housewife, Agra

There were some problems going on with my child and as a mother I could not see him in pain so I contacted many astrologers but no use then my sister told me about askganesha. With their consultation, my child is living a healthy and happy life.

By Tanvi Bansal, teacher, bhilai

On my kid's insistence I came to this website and asked a question from its ask a question service on childbirth that if he will do well in exams, their remedies helped him a lot and scored high marks in his class

By Luxmi Diwan, housewife, New Delhi

I had asked if my child will get a scholarship to go oxford and their answer was no, even though I asked for remedies and they suggested some but it was just not destined to happen. But still he scored good marks and got admission in good college.

By Deepa, Mahajan, jewellery designer, Dubai

We had some problems in conceiving a baby and after consulting askganesha, they gave us some remedies as well as the time period in which we will conceive, I conceived in the exact time period. You are like God to me

By Anshu Srivasatava, housewife, Mandawa

It is a very good website and here people will show concern for you and even go little far to make sure that you are satisfied of their services and their help is properly extended to you. Value for money!

By Nargis Fatima, beautician, Delhi

Every time I conceived a baby, miscarriage happened. I was devastated, it was terrible. After consulting askganesha's services, I asked if will conceive a baby. They asked me to wait some time and suggested a few pujas to do, after that I conceived!

By Renu Chawla, interior decorator, Jaipur

My child was very sick when someone told me about this website. I consulted and saw my child improving upon his health for real. I have recommended this website to many and all of them call it a wonderful thing

By Aaisha Jain, HR manager, Noida

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