Yantra For Health

Maha Mritunjaya

Mahamritunjay Yantra

The Mahamritunjay Yantra is for the worship of Lord Shiva, and is extremely powerful. This Yantra is known to relieve one from any dreadful chronic diseases, all sorts of fear and phobia,

Batuk Bhairav Yantra

Bhatuk Bhairav Yantra

Lord Bhairav is the incarnation of Lord Shiva. This Yantra helps in removing the evil eye or the enemies affecting your health. Get the protection of Lord Bhairav and get improvement in your health and overall wellbeing.

Shiv Yantra

Shiv Yantra

Lord Shiva is the one who bless a native with good health and wellness. He is the one who even protects one from life threatening health issues. Overcome your health and fitness problems with the help of the Lord Shiva yantra. Get one for yourself today.

Sarv Badha Mukti Yantra

Sarv Badha Mukti yantra

As the name suggests this especially prepared yantra is to remove all kinds of obstacles (badha). This yantra is worshiped by many who are having some or the other health issues which are not getting resolved. You too can benefit immensely with this yantra. Simply place the request now.

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