Subhlabh Yantra

Mahalakshmi Yantra | Appease Goddess Lakshmi

Subh Labh Yantra is very auspicious and is a combined Yantra for worship of Goddess Lakshmi & Lord Ganesha. Goddess Lakshmi is the Goddess of wealth & prosperity & Lord Ganesha, the God of success in any venture. Hence Shubh Labh Yantra, as the name denotes, is a Yantra for good luck, fame, wealth and increased income & profits. Through Lord Ganesh one attains Siddhi and through Maa Lakshmi one is blessed with wealth.

Subh Labh Yantra is energized by reciting its Beej mantra 1008 times and also the homa is performed with 1008 mantras. One's family will see gain in wealth and finances if all members sit, pray to Maa Lakshmi and do Diya Archana for energized yantra on Diwali festival every year.

Shubh Labh Yantra can be placed in Pooja Ghar (Worship place), in cash box or a Almirah . It is highly recommended that every home shall install Shubh Labh Yantra for the blessings of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi. Businessmen or Shop Keepers shall keep Shubh Labh Yantra in their offices or shops to increase their sales.

We provide Yantras that are Energized (Pran Pratishta) by learned Purohits, by reciting the Vedic mantra of the particular Devi or Deva along with the Homa done. We provide with the Yantra the complete mantras and methodology for worshipping the Yantra.

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Top Customer Reviews

When I was facing problems in my business, I was looking some solutions but no pooja could help me. I talked to the astrologer of and he told me the best solution would be Subhlabh Yantra. I bought it from and placed in my office. It really worked and saved my drowning business.

By Anurag Aggarwal, Lock factory owner, Aligarh

Hi all I want to share my experience with you all about I have used services of many other websites but nothing beats the expertise of this website. The astrologer has a very good vision and whatever he says to me comes true. Recently he advised me to use Subhlabh yantra to grow my business and it has proved so effective for me that I have decided to hold on to this website forever.

By Menka Sinha, HR consultant, Greater Noida

I would recommend Subhlabh Yantra as I have used it myself and have been benefited by it. Shubh labh means a lot to us Indians. When I placed it in my workplace, it brought me luck and wealth. My work is benefited multiple times. I will use it again and again till the end of the time.

By Neha Dsouza, Bakery shop, Ireland

I agree with Menka, this website is one of the best astrological help I have used in my life. I have used Subhlabh yantra myself and found it extremely helpful in benefiting the growth of business and solving financial problems in the future.

By Saloni Jain, Textile shop, Indore

Subhlabh yantra is an effective yantra to solve money problems. Due to some money problems in my business, askganesha recommended me subhlabh yantra to be used so that it will solve my problems. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to solve their money problems.

By Samarth Tyagi, businessman, Bhopal

USD 40.00 / INR 2,500.00

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