Santan Gopalam Yantra

Santan Gopalam Yantra - Yantra for getting a child and a safe progency

Santana Gopalam Yantra is used during prayers for getting a child and a safe progeny. All your Prayers for progeny would be answered through this Yantra. This Yantra also prevents miscarriage during pregnancy.

This yantra represent Bal gopal and it has been used since ages for prayers related to childbirth and also for maintenance of pregnancy. Many numbers of couples swear by the efficacy of the Santana Gopalam Yantra. You too can benefit from this blessed yantra.

This yantra is also used by parents whose children are studying or having any health issues. Even if your child is having any problem in his or her life, you can take help of this energized yantra, do daily prayers for Lord Krishna and get rid of your problems easily.

We provide this Yantra along with the elaborate instructions for using the same.

We provide Yantras that are Energized (Pran Pratishta) by learned Purohits, by reciting the Vedic mantra of the particular Devi or Deva along with the Homa done. We provide with the Yantra the complete mantras and methodology for worshipping the Yantra.

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Top Customer Reviews

Santan gopalam yantra proved really effective for my wife and her pregnancy. Every time she got pregnant, one or the other problem keep propping up. Astrologers keep saying that yes this time or the next time it will happen, but it seemed impossible. We bought santan gopalam yantra and this time her pregnancy sustained.

By Himanshu Kohli, businessman, Saharanp

I took the help of when I was not able to conceive my first child. I saw many doctors but all I got was failure and disappointment. I was advised to install Santangopalam yantra at my place and see the changes. I did it and found out that by the time I could realise it was working, I had already conceived. I will always be thankful to

By Kamlesh shah, housewife, Syria

I orderd this yantra from for my son as his health was really bad. We are already devotees of Lord Krishna and we know that the significance of Santangopalam mantra in our life. The yantra really helped in blessing my son and his health improved over time.

By Nandoo raheja, Advertising advisor, Bangalore

I would recommend santan gopalam yantra to everyone. It has proved very true for my case, because of its use, we are blessed with a beautiful girl child and we are very thankful to Lord Krishna. Along with its use, astrologer of also advised us to recite santan goapalm mantra every day, it really worked.

By Neha Upadhyay, CS, Singapore

I haven't used santangopalam yantra myself but my sister has used it and it has proved really effective for her and her upcoming child. I have used many other services of and all of them have helped me so much that I can't explain.

By Shankar Nanchahal, Engineer, Delhi

USD 40.00 / INR 2,500.00