Meru Yantra

Ganesh Yantra to get Success in Business and Profession

Meru Yantra is the energizer of the universe and when a devotee prays the yantra fortifies the effects of the prayer. When one is looking for success, prosperity, wealth, foreign travel, peaceful marital life, clearing debts, gain of property , gain of vehicle, betterment in education, betterment in health etc the use of the Meru Yantra gives positive results.

Meru Yantra, like Shri Yantras, has Bindu (Point), Trikona (Tringle), Ashtakona, Samghar Chakra (destroying wheel), Sthithi Chakra (Preserving wheel), Chaturdahkona, Ashtdal Kamal (Group of Eight Lotus), Shodash dal Kamal(Group of 16 Lotus), Teen Vrit (Three Crcles), Bhupur (first square), Sampoorna Srishti Chakra (whole system of uiverse and surrounded by Ridhi-Sidhi(prosperity and fame) gates in four directions of Yantra.

We provide Yantras that are Energized (Pran Pratishta) by learned Purohits, by reciting the Vedic mantra of the particular Devi or Deva along with the Homa done. We provide with the Yantra the complete mantras and methodology for worshipping the Yantra.

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Top Customer Reviews

It is a must use product of My married life was almost falling apart. I didn't know what to do. I then ordered Meru yantra. I worshipped it with great devotion and belief from my heart. It is very effective and it has helped my married life to become like before again.

By Abhay Tiwari, Audit Assistant, Gurgaon has so many services and I have used almost all of them, all are great but I found Meru yantra the best. As it helped me go away the real problem I was facing. It helped me win over a property deal that was stuck for over years, I m thankful to for providing me with such a good product.

By Abhishek Shyam, Property dealer, Kolkata

I have learnt and will also want to share with you that if worshipped correctly with the right mantras to chant which are given, Meru yantra can be proved very effective in getting off many problems. It quickly aids in gaining wealth overtime and even assist in foreign tours.

By Milind Verma, Businessman, Mauritius

Hi.. I agree with you all. I was also facing some financial problem and this is when I Ordered Meru yantra for me, I have used it overtime on a daily basis by worhsipping it and believe me, I am very happy today.

By Ritika Vashisht, social worker, Goa

Wow! This is the word I will use for Meru Yantra. It has so much powers and gives so much if worshipped with a pure mind and heart. I have ordered it through and got it. I worship it with the mantras they provided me, and it has really helped me overcome my financial issues.

By Tarun Upadhyay, Doctor, Kerala

USD 40.00 / INR 2,500.00

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